Friday, 4 July 2014


I have decided to start a NEW REGULAR POST. Of course, I am not sure how regular it will be, as you never know when life can get in your way. But for now, let's leave the timescales and start to concentrate on the subject of the post.

I am going to share with you BEAUTIFUL EDITIONS of books I have fallen in love from the start. I have been browsing through Waterstones recently (Yes, I am there nearly every week.. I am sad lol) and I have come across some of my favourite books in new editions. And they were stunning.. like I cannot-believe-how-pretty-this-book-is way and immediately my hands were full and my credit card was even lighter. This inspired me to decide to start sharing with you some books I own (or would like to own) which are really beautiful on the eye. Because that's how we humans work.. Everything is judged by us from the first look. And books aren't exceptions. There are millions and millions books out there which pages are filled with beautiful words and inspiring stories, worlds to us yet unknown. But when we walk into a book store, the first thing which catches our eyes is the editions and design of the book.

I have seen some wonderful book editions which literally took my breathe away. Of course, there are book editions out there who aren't on favourable side, but let's honour the good work of the graphic designers who work so hard to make books sellable.

And so it comes, that I am sharing with you my first BEAUTIFUL EDITIONS post. These posts will not be about the inside story, it's all about the outside. So there won't be much talking. I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

The first subject is 2011's edition of PHILLIP PULLMAN's HIS DARK MATERIALS.

I have had these books previously but recently I have stubbled across this newest editions and immediately fell for their design. The old editions went to a charity shop (so some other avid reader can benefit from reading the story) and the new editions found their permanent home on my book shelf in my private library.

The covers were design by and published by SCHOLASTIC CHILDREN'S BOOKS.  All three are paperbacks (you know how much I love my paperbacks !!) and the whole new design creates a wonderful series I am proud to have in my library. Three beautiful books with a wonderful story inside.

What do you think about these wonderful cover. The colours are absolutely stunning and of course the little touch of sparkle gives it a that little extra bit. 

I am so happy to have these books in my personal library as I think that these covers really capture the essence of the story inside. 


  1. I loved my audio versions of these three books but have never owned actual copies. These covers are so tempting if I had space to keep them nice. I especially love the Subtle Knife design.

    1. Oh I know Stephanie, these books got my attention the moment I spotted them. What a beautiful edition. I love all of them. but secretly The Subtle Knife is my favourite too haha