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THE EDGE OF ALWAYS is the second instalment to one of my favourite books I have read last year. J. A. Redmerski is the author of the said book and she took over the amazon and the whole world by a storm when she became one of the most popular, self-published, e-book authors. Her story of Camryn & Andrew found a place in many readers' hearts. I haven't been an exception.

THE EDGE OF NEVER is a wonderful love story of two soul mates who finally, completely randomly, found each other. Their made each others lives better and at the end found their happily-ever-after.

But THE EDGE OF ALWAYS is a little bit different. Although it picks up straight where we left our story in the previous instalment, this book doesn't strike me as a love story. It's more of a story of life and its ups and downs. It tells you what happens after you find your happily-ever-after. When everything falls into place and you cannot believe your luck that you have it. But we all know that life does life to play games with us. Our destiny always puts us through various challenges to make us stronger and live life to the fullest. And that is what this second book is about. About life and how we cope when it doesn't go according to our plan.

Camryn and Andrew finally found each other. Andrew is healthy and his tumour is gone. Camryn got herself a matching tattoo of Orpheus to be perfectly line up with Andrew's Eurydice. And they are expecting a little addition to their beautiful family. All is well in their world. But then tragedy strikes and Camryn and Andrew's love and lives are put through yet another test. Can they find what are they looking for maybe on another road trip? And we are all their to witness their road to recovery, forgiveness, finding their way and finding the reason to live again to the fullest. 

I have fallen in love with the first book. So when I heard that Ms Redmerski wrote a continuum to the story I have been excited, but worried at the same time. You all know I have problems with sequels. Naturally, I was afraid that the author won't be able to find the same voice which spoke to me so lovely previously. But Ms Redmerski managed to pull this off.

She wrote an inspiring story about life and the crossroads we found ourselves on. Yes, there is still the undying love between the main to characters, but what I enjoyed about this book the most, is that it is a story about what happens after the you have everything you wish for. It's real. So so real. The films and TV dramas usually stay away after the curtains have closed, but this book takes us on the road trip of life.

This book makes you want to throw everything away, pack a bag and get yourself on the road. I am definitely inspired to get myself a driving licence and have a long, already very overdue, road trip around USA and Canada. It makes you want to start looking for the one thing you desire. And once you are on the road, you find yourself  - your true self - and you will understand what is your place in the world.

The writing is entertaining. Sexy. Easy to read and follow. Very relate able. Every girl can find a part of her personality in Camryn and every guy can sure relate to Andrew in one way or another. The only thing I didn't like is the fact that I find that Andrew's character has slightly changed, it seems more manly and arrogant more, but that might be only my impression, not on purpose.

But all in all I have enjoyed this book very much and will come back to it again once I find the time. I also recommend to other reader who like modern stories to get their own copy and read it for themselves. You'll all be inspired.

Here are some parts of the books I truly loved:

"We lie back down next to each other and do what we came out here to do. As I gaze up at the infinite blackness of that sky, I'm in complete awe of the moment. I think I find some of myself up in those stars. For a long time I forget about music, being on the road, about the tumor that almost killed me last year, and the moment of weakness that almost killed Camryn's spirit. I forget about losing Lily, and about the fact that I know Camryn stopped taking her birth control pills and didn't tell me. And I forget about the fact that I stopped pulling out for a reason and didn't tell her. 

I really do forget about everything. Because that's what a moment like this does to you. It makes you feel like something so small inside of something so massive that it's beyond comprehension. It strips away all of your problems, all your hardships, all of your worldly needs and wants and desires, forcing you to realise just how insignificant all of this really is. It's like the Earth becomes completely silent and still, and all that your mind can understand or feel is the vastness of the Universe and you gasp thinking about your place within it. 

Who needs psychiatrists? Who needs grief counsellors and life coaches and motivational speakers? Fuck all that. Just stare at the night sky and let yourself get lost in it every now and then. "

Andrew and Camryn's Wedding Vows: 


"Camryn, you are the other half of my soul, and I will love you today and every day for the rest of our lives. I promise that if you ever forget me, I'll read to you like Noah read to Allie. I promise that when we get old and our bones hurt, that we'll never sleep in separate rooms, and that if you die before me, I'll make sure you're buried in your wedding dress. I promise to haunt you like Sam haunted Molly. I promise that we'll never wake up one day years from now wondering why we wasted our lives away by doing nothing, and that no matter what hardships befall us, I'll always, always, be right here with you. I promise to be spontaneous, to always turn down the music when you're asleep, and to sing about raisins when you're sad. I promise to always love you no matter where we are in the world, or in our lives. Because you're the other half of me that I know I can never live without." 


"Andrew, I promise never to leave you on life support and let you suffer when I know in my heart that your life is spent. I promise that if you're ever lost or missing that I will... never stop looking for you. Ever. I promise that when you die, I'll make sure that 'Dust in the Wind' is played at your funeral and to never bury you where it's cold. I promise to always tell you everything no matter how ashamed or guilty I feel, and to trust you when you ask me to do something because I know that everything you do has a purpose. I promise to be by your side always and to never let you face anything alone. I promise to love you forever in this life and whenever we go in the afterlife, because I know I can't go on in any life unless you're in it too." 

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