Monday, 28 July 2014

Rainbow Rowell: FANGIRL

Rainbow... Rainbow... Rainbow... You all know how much I love Ms Rowell's writing. Every single book so far, has been such a pleasure to read. So, when I got my hands on FANGIRL ( and my reading schedule allowed it ), I got really excited. This third novel written by my favourite author has been praised to heavens by many bloggers and vloggers. I couldn't contain my happiness and excitement to find out for myself if the wonderful reviews are based on any true findings. 

And I was not disappointed... I have absolutely fallen in love - head over heels - with this book. It was right up my street!

FANGIRL tells a story of twin sisters, CATH AND WREN, who have spent all their lives depending on each other, keeping each other's company. That changes, when they start university and Wren decides, that it's time to separate from her twin. Cath is left alone in her brand new room with a brand new roommate, completely clueless and scared to meet new people. You see, Cath is the introvert of the twin set. She is beautiful, smart, writes very popular and amazing fan-fiction.. but she has a zero confidence as all her life she lived in the shadow of her sister. And then.. a boy comes into her life... LEVI.. Handsome, intelligent, sweet, polite, has manners - basically every girl's dream guy. And he likes her and slowly gets under her shell and helps her open up. But not all is well in Cathville - her mum, who abandoned them as children reappears... her dad has another of his episodes... and her sister prefers drunken nights to Cath's company. How will Cath cope with the life's happenings? Will she finally take a charge and start living her life?

There are so many reasons, why I absolutely fell for this book:

Firstly, the writing is so creative. I envy the idea of Ms Rowell to line the story with a different story. It is so refreshing to see a different telling of a story and the idea of starting every chapter with a piece of chapter from different book, is so unique. The pieces are perfectly matched to the subject of each chapter too.

Secondly.. CATH!! Cath is the most relate able character I have read for a very long time. Especially, very relate able to myself. I love fan-fiction ( I have a soft spot for Arrow Fan-Fiction.). I write. I am awkward on many occasions and do not have many friends - maybe due to my nerdiness. She is kind and a very loyal friend. Once you have her heart, you have it forever.

Thirdly, this book is hilarious. In Rowell's true fashion, it engages you straight away. You will not be able to put the book down. You will laugh out loud, and you will cry in certain parts. It is a down-to-earth story that every girl can enjoy.

Fourthly, LEVI is the dreamy boyfriend who ticks all the boxes in the boyfriend department. I swear, the guy has been sent from heaven. His relationship with Cath is just too cute.. I wish for every guy to read this book, so they know how to behave like a gentleman. Also, I have enjoyed the fact that Ms Rowell didn't portray the parents in the all-well-known fashion of putting them on a pedestal and never doing anything wrong. ART has a kind of a bipolar disorder and LAURA has been out of the picture for a while, spending past ten years being not-so-perfect mum. The relationships portrayed in this story are down to earth and true to the life's experience. 

Lastly, this book is genius. Ms Rowell created a wonderful story of life and its ups and downs. You get sucked into the story and will live the lives of its main characters. It's modern, smartly written, packed with jokes and funny references. I have actually nothing bad to say about this book and I am really impressed with this story. It seems that even NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS was right when it said: "Fangirl is a deliciously warm-hearted nerd power ballad destined for greatness."

The book cover is beautiful and matches precisely its previous siblings with light pastel coloured background and pretty animation of main characters. I love the book so much that I have its paperback edition and I ordered a hardback which is on the way to my house.

Another very well done Ms Rowell. I have fallen for Fangirl so much that I cannot wait for the next time I re-read this book. Thank you for another mind-blowing, heart-shattering, good-for-a-soul story. Third time is the charm!


  1. I just finished Fangirl this morning and I fell in love just like you! It was absolutely incredible, and certainly lived up to all the hype!

    1. Oh I know!! Rainbow never disappoints! I love her stories! All of them... Well Landline is next!

  2. Fangirl is sooo good. I love the edition you have! The inside is so cute. I wish I'd waited to get the UK Special Edition:) Great review!

    1. Oh Thank you Teisha.. Have you seen the new UK special edition of the hardback... it's beautiful... can't decide which one do I like better :-)