Sunday, 19 October 2014

Josephine Angelini : STARCROSSED

Warning! Don't be put off by the cheesy title. This book actually pretty good.

STARCROSSED is the first instalment of the same named book series, written by Josephine Angelini.

To be honest, I didn't think much of this book as the title screams cheesiness to me. But as a book reviewer and critic, I need to widen my horizons and read books which I might not like (Gone Girl pops to my mind - what a waste of valuable reading time.), so I decided to include this story in Autumn Reading Challenge. And how pleasantly surprised I was.

Meet Helen. Gorgeous, but very insecure girl who has been hiding from others and their bitchy mouths and attitudes. She spends her free time with her best friend Claire aka Giggles. Helen is smart, kind and a very talented athlete. She can run faster than you can say Starcrossed. She has always fell like an outsider and been bullied for most of her life. But she has also fell different to others. And sometimes, that can be lonely. That changes the moment mysterious Delos family moves into the large estate on their small island and Helen stumbles upon Lukas Delos. Well a stumble isn't the right word. She sees him in the hallway of her high school and instantly thinks two things: He is the most gorgeous guy she has ever lied eyes on; and she wants to kill him with her bare hands. There's a greek mythology involved and we are thrown into eventful ride.

Ancient Greek Mythology. Check. Gods, Demigods, Ancient curses and shady deals. Check. A hell of a lot secrets, which can cause the destruction of the world. Check. Forbidden Love. Check. This is a great recipe for a tasty, very juicy story.

You all know that I have a big soft spot for Greek Mythology. It fascinates me. So, I think that was the reasoning behind buying the book in the first place. I've been staying away from it, as the title kind of puts me off. It seems cheesy and made me skeptical about the content inside its pages. But once I started reading the book, I actually really really liked it.

Entertaining. Smart. Eventful. Thrilling. Exciting. Packed with action and secrets which kept on giving. I found myself glued to the pages, really getting into the story. I had my own theories of what is going on, but each time it managed to surprise me. And all the way I had my fingers crossed for Helen & Lukas to find a way to be with each other. They are so cute. But at the same time, I do appreciate that this love story is not all lovey dovey. I love the fact that they kissed only handful of times, the author is really making them work for it.

Helen is a great character which many of readers, female readers, can relate to. Especially with the social awkwardness and being bullied by popular kids at school. Lukas is a wonderful male protagonist, who is like a melt in the middle pud. He can be very stubborn and manly, but at the same time he cares for people. He will do anything to protect the ones he loves. My two favourite characters are Jason and Claire. I love their dynamic and banter and pretended love/hate relationship.

The whole book is packed with witty conversations and amazing surprises. It's like a ride on a roller-coaster. Its ups and downs make you even more invested in the story. I have loved how many secrets can one family have. And even then, more are pilled on the top. I enjoyed how the author incorporates the Greek Mythology and various world famous characters and important figures in history. The timeless story of Helen & Paris love which led to 10-year war, where the beautiful empire Troy has been destroyed and burnt to the grounds, is wonderful. It kind of reminded me the story of Teardrop by Lauren Kate ( Is this where Ms Kate found her inspiration for her new book series?). But where Ms Kate failed to engage the reader, Ms Angelini excels. This story just gets under your skin and you are not able to put the book down.

I am now really looking forward to read the other two books in this series: DREAMLESS & GODDESS. I have the feeling that Helen won't have an easy journey in finding her true destiny. I can smell that our power couple have a rocky ride ahead of them. Will their love make it till the end? Or are we looking at another love triangle where the one I want the main heroine to be with, ends in tears and betrayal by making the wrong choice? I guess I have to wait and read before I can find out.

Well done Ms Angelini. I have loved your take on the modern Greek Tragedy & Mythology. You have found yourself another reader.


  1. I've always liked the idea of star-crossed lovers since I took a Shakespeare class. The idea of demi-gods is also interesting, but I wonder if it takes too many ideas from the Percy Jackson series. I guess it's another one of those "trendy" things, but your description makes it sound like something I might pick up.

    1. Hey Elle, you made a good point there. This book is different to Percy Jackson. I haven't read those books, but I knot that if you expect Starcrossed to be like those books, it's not. And I think many have been disappointed with it. But I liked it. It reminded more of Teardrop series by Lauren Kate. As mentioned, I was surprised at how much I liked it. Give it go and let me know what you think xo