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WARNING! Aliens are out there to get us and completely wipe our existence from Earth! Not to mention, that this book is packed with very vivid scenes which leaves you breathless. Don't eat too much pizza while reading it!

THE INFINITE SEA is a sequel to one of my favourite books I read last year, The 5th Wave, written by one of my favourite American male authors RICK YANCEY.

This story absolutely blew my mind away with its raw picture of a world taken over by aliens. The amazing truth which was captured within its pages was eye-opening. So of course, when a sequel was announced, I was excited. Jumping up and down the room I couldn't wait for the story to continue its course. Marked in my diary, I was counting down the days till the well anticipated sequel is released.

But I have been a little bit surprised when I finally held it in my hands. Firstly, I have to thank the graphic designers behind the scenes for matching new cover with the previous one. You are looking at a beautiful photograph in black and blue tones. The picture is fading into dark and in the middle is a figure. I am guessing it's a male protagonist, but I am not guessing who made on the cover. There could be several candidates for the job. Take your pick. But the book is SO SHORT compare to the first one. Only 326 pages long. It looks tiny, like a little baby brother.

Again the story is divided into 8 different parts and 2 books: 

Book One : The Problem With Rats; The Ripping; The Last Star; Millions; The Price; The Trigger

Book Two: The Sum Of All Things; Dubuque

The story is written from different points of view: Ringer, Cassie, Evan Walker & Poundcake. I do like it. It keeps it different. But this books is a little bit confusing to start with. Especially, when you have read the first book couple months ago like me. It's a bit of a mish-mash at the beginning. But couple of chapters in and your memory starts to recognise who is who and slowly connects the dots. 

Evan Walker destroyed Camp Haven. Our group of survivors in on the run and is hiding in the nearby hotel. Winter is coming so they need to make a decision. Will they stay and wait for Evan to come back and full-fill his promise to Cassie, which might not be possible? Or will they scout for a new location and try to survive in this brand new destroyed world, where everything and everyone out there wants to kill them? Due to unpredictable incidents, the group is divided and its members are put on a brand new track to fight for their lives. 

Let's talk about the story. Again, it's very visual and very truthful to the point of being brutally honest in describing and predicting situations which might happen in possible alien takeover when we do not stand a chance to survive. It's entertaining. There are so many surprising and unexpected twists and turns that I lost count. 

And it seems there is a new heroine in town! The Infinite Sea seems to concentrate on Ringer's story mostly. And I am not sure how I feel about it! At first I am not the biggest Ringer's fan, but slowly as I get to know her, I am warming up to her. But not fully. I am still missing more of Cassie and Evan. Even Ben! And that is something to say since I didn't like him in the first book. Why the sudden change of the main character? Why are Cassie's and Evan's separate stories not explained further? I am in predicament.. Do I like this change or not? To be absolutely honest.. The answer is no! The story feels different. And it doesn't impress me as much as the first one. I know that sequels are hard to write. I have a massive problems with sequels and not many can impress me, but this one is failing on a full scale. I have been so excited and now I am left a little bit disappointed. I am missing the attachment I have fell for the first book. 

That said, I have to say that I can also see the reasoning behind downscaling Cassie and Evan and giving a promotion to Ringer. Ringer's story comes with a little insight to the world of The Others and their decision behind invading Earth and killing all the humans. There are spoilers and twists I haven't been expecting. Especially when we get to find out why Evan is important and who he really is!!

At the same time, the story doesn't progress much. Nothing major happens apart from one secret being revealed. And that is a SHAME! Great, great shame!

The writing, though, is very colourful. Smart. Entertaining. Adventurous. Once you realise from who's point of view you are reading each part, it's actually easy to follow and you get lost within its pages. You will not be able to put it down from two reasons. First, you want to find out what will happen next. Second, you hope the story will improve, at least a little bit. The book is over too soon though. You don't even have a chance to sneeze and the end is here... And now you have to wait until Autumn 2015 to find out more. And I am not a patient person!

I have to say Mr Yancey, I am really sorry, but I am a little bit disappointed with this sequel. I was expecting a lot more oh-my-gosh-I-cannot-believe-that-this-has-just-happened moments. I was expecting more excitement. I was expecting more.. FULL STOP... Please make sure to rectify this in the next book.

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