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Sarah J. Maas : HEIR OF FIRE

WARNING! After you read the last 50 pages, you will want to throw the book around your room, as you will be very, very, very angry. The anger will consume you. Do you know what is the worst thing? You have to wait for another 3 books until we find out the big conclusion of this amazing series.

HEIR OF FIRE is a 3rd instalment in Throne of Glass series written by Sarah J. Maas. As you probably already know, this series was a major surprise for me. I only bought the first book as a part of a shopping spree at my local supermarket last year. I didn't expect much from it, but once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down.

For the ones who haven't stumbled upon these books, I give you a quick breakdown. It's like Lord of the Rings meets Game of Thrones. Meet Celaena Sardothien, the best assassin in the country, who has been serving her time in Endovier. She gets a chance to get out of there by competing to become King's Champion. In a nutshell, she wins, there is love triangle, new enemies pops up and deep secrets are revealed. Trust me this summary doesn't give it justice. This series is brilliant.

Heir of Fire picks up where Crown of Midnight left off. Chaol found out Celaena's most guarded secret - Celeana is the lost Queen of Terrasen with Fae heritage. Celaena leaves for Wendlyn to confront her aunt Maeve and find out about Wyrdkeys so she can stop The King of Adarlan in his deathly mission to take over the continent. Dorian is confused and scared as he discovered that he has magic. Him and Chaol aren't exactly close anymore, but Chaol works hard and finds unlikely and unexpected alliances to protect the people he loves. 

Let me start with the edition first. Again, I purchased paperback to compliment the series itself. Again white background with beautiful illustration of Celaena in action. Andy said that he finds the illustrations cheesy, but I disagree. I actually think that they are beautiful and compliment the series wonderfully. Also the instalment is lot bigger than its previous siblings. 562 pages divided into 2 parts. 

Now, the story itself is a little bit slower at the beginning, but soon enough it picks up and you are thrown into the wonderful fantasy world again. We are meeting new characters, new friendship are forged, alliances are picked and life-changing choices need to be made. More secrets are revealed. It's getting interesting. The game has fully began and more players are joining in. This instalment is brilliant. Easy to read. Easy to follow. Entertaining. Absolutely mind-blowing. We get know more from Celaena's past and discover her most deepest secrets. A fantastic continuum to already genius story. 

Let's talk about the new players in the game:

Rowan. Fae warrior who is told to observe and train Celaena before she can be presented in Doranelle. Their relationship is rocky and not so touchy feely at the start, but Rowan and Celaena find a common respect and love for each other which develops into a wonderful friendship. I wasn't sure about Rowan at the start, but I've grown to love him as the story progressed.

Aedion. The cousin who is absolutely over the moon to find out that his Queen is alive and well. He's been playing a dangerous game with the King, he comes across as brutal and arrogant as the king himself, but as our Captain of the Guard finds out, there is more to him than meets the eye. He cares about his kingdom, he cares about his people and he will do anything to be reunited with his favourite cousin. He will move heavens and earth to protect her.

Sorcha. Oh how much I adore this character. Finally a character in this series I can relate to. A beautiful healer who is in love with Dorian. A person who can guard hers and yours secrets. A wonderful love interest for our prince. All the way through, I wanted for them to run into the sunset together (yeah, I knew it might not happen at the start, but I hoped that she was the one for Dorian). But Sorcha's own secrets caused her to find a tragic end. I have cried. Big tears. Not ashamed of it.

Manon. A witch with iron teeth and nails. What an interesting character who's development is brilliant, I like where this is going. At the beginning she is a heartless bitch, but soon enough we see small, but very important changes in her. I am looking forward to see more in the next instalment.

Wow, could there be more twists and turns in this book!! Just when you think that nothing else can happen, more secrets and important memories are revealed and you are even more blown away. What a crushing, heart-breaking finale. I cried. I sobbed. I was filled with anger and rage. WHAT AN ENDING! Seriously, wow... I am even angry now, as I have to wait many more months before I can find out more. Ms Maas what are doing to me? Are you trying to cause me a heart attack? You cannot do this to me!! You cannot make me love a character and then decide to kill him/her off. Why oh Why? I really do not know how will this story develop further.. Where are we going from here? One thing I do know for sure though. I cannot bloody wait for the next instalment.

Hurry up! I want more. I need more... SOON!!

Well done Ms Maas! Another brilliantly executed sequel in this series. I love you and hate you (not really hate you) at the same time. Thank you for not slacking off this wonderful story!! 

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