Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Alexandra Adornetto : HALO

Warning! After reading this book you might need to go to the dentist to check out your cavities.

HALO is a first book (and for a while the only book) I have ever read by Alexandra Adornetto. There are 3 books in this series: HALO, HADES & HEAVEN. I have purchased this book quite some time ago. It was recommended to me by my lovely sister so I thought why not? She has usually quite a similar taste in books as I.

Usually is the right word... This was a horrible, HORRIBLE exception.

Halo is a story (well more like a diary since it does describe every single detail....grhhh) of Bethany, the angel sent to Earth to right the wrongs of Evil. Bethany and her brother Gabriel and sister Ivy are on a mission to make people hope in Good again. She is only seventeen years old and quickly falls for Earth's charm. Especially, when she meets a lovely classmate - Xavier Woods. Will their love survive the difference between her being Angel and him being a human? How will the Heavens look at the relationship? And will the siblings restore the faith of human kind in Good?

Let's start with the edition of the book first. A Paperback. 484 pages long. Beautifully illustrated cover with gorgeous writing. The Introduction of the book includes two extractions from two very different artist of different decades - William Shakespeare and Beyonce. (Maybe I should have taken this as a first warning sign, but I still gave it a go...)

The story itself..well.. It started brilliantly with Bethany describing their journey and arrival on Earth. But then it went down the spiral. I feel like I need to explain firstly why I prefer the YA genre to adult fiction. I hate too much of description!! If the author persists on describing every single detail, I just lose interest in the book as my imagination cannot go free. And YA novels usually concentrate more on action and story-telling than describing the way wind moves and how many raindrops  appear on the window.. But this book was just unbearable.. Oh my world.. I am sorry Ms Adornetto, but you don't have to describe every single minute of Bethany's life on Earth. It's boring and it makes me want to stop reading it. The story is slow, doesn't progress very far and the exciting parts only happened after 400 pages. I am forcing myself to continue. But it's a painful journey. I am falling asleep.

Bethany as a character is bland. There is no exciting development to her. Xavier is just too goody goody and perfect. I am sorry - that kind of a guy doesn't exist in real life. The only two character I can stand are Gabriel and Ivy and they don't get any exciting headlines.

Even the bad boy in this book, who supposed to be a Satan's worshipper is a mild, nearly non-existing excitement. What the actual freak? Seriously, do something!! Make them do something different apart from being all good and lovely. It's boring!!! And cheesy. Seriously, this book is more cheesier than baked camembert. It makes me sick with sweetness. NO NO NO NO.. Just no. There is nothing thrilling about it... There is no adventure... No development...  It's just a painful journey through Bethany's love affair with the mortal boy. As much as the author tries to describe it as one of the most powerful love stories which can rock Heaven and Hell, instead I just want to take the book, dig a hole and bury it.

And the worst part? There is two more sequels!!! I won't be purchasing them for quite some time! But how did this story got  two more sequels?? Trust me, my sister heard a mouthful after I read first 100 pages. It was a major disappointment and I must say the worst book I have read this year.

I am sorry Ms Adornetto. But your Halo series failed to impress me big time!!

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