Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Cosy Box Swap 2014

So Christmas is coming soon.. Only 7 weeks till the man in red coat with white beard drops down your chimney, eats your cookies and drinks your milk. And then he leaves presents behind. Win-win on both sides. 

So in the spirit of this well beloved holiday, I have decided to take part in a wonderful COSY BOX SWAP. I have seen it advertise on Instagram and it immediately caught my attention and I wanted to be part of it. 

It's hosting by lovely blogger LIPSTICK & TRACTORS. I have found it on the Instagram page of CARPE LIBRUM GIRL. And this girl was lovely enough to give me more info about the swap, so I have decided to sign up for it fully :-) 

And here is more info about the the swap itself and how it works. If you are interesting, I am sure you can sign up for it too. 


Winter themed swap to keep you cosy throughout the winter. Get to know your partner and send items that they would like. This book should give off the cosy feel. Send favourite items, Christmas stuff, hot drinks, inspirational items, ornaments, fall/harvest themed, etc. Etsy or other handmade would be perfect for this. 


Open to US residents, although I am from UK, so I am sure you can do it too, 18 years and older.
$20 dollars minimum before the shipping.
Tracking number are strongly recommended (If you buy online from UPS, the tracking numbers are free of charge).
You must post a blog post prior to sign ups closing with swap button letting others know about the swap.
Please use the #cosyboxswap2014 on all postings. 
If you don't send the package, you will be blacklisted for all future swaps. 


Sign-ups Close: Friday, November 7th
Partners Sent Out: Sunday, November 9th
Packages Must Be Shipped by : Monday, November 17th
Reveal Link-Up Opens: Friday, November 21st

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