Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Warning: Secrets always find their way to be revealed.

THE BOOK OF TOMORROW is the first book from my Cecelia Ahern's collection. Ms Ahern is famous for writing novels like P.S. I LOVE YOU and WHERE RAINBOWS END which not only become international bestsellers, but also they have been made into Hollywood's blockbusters.

This is the first time I am having a reading date with this author. Don't get me wrong, I have had plenty of opportunities to read the books, I own 4 books by this author and I also saw P.S. I love you and I have fallen under the spell of Love, Rosie recently. But somehow, the writings of this author never seem to appeal to me enough to read it. Until Love, Rosie came out this year. Lily Collins and Sam Claflin made me realise that I should give this writer a chance.

The Book Of Tomorrow tells a story of Tamara Goodwin. Tamara is the classic example of spoilt brat who had everything she wished for in her life. Her family is rich, like filthy rich and she is the rebellious daughter who always argues with her parents. But then one day everything changes. Her dad kills himself. All their belongings, house, cars, villas abroad are repossessed. And her and her mum are forced to move to her auntie and uncle's house in the middle of nowhere land. Here Tamara firstly struggles to keep herself occupied with nothing to do. Her mum falls into deep depression sleeping all day. Her uncle is always working and her auntie Rosaleen is always pondering around the house. Always following Tamara everywhere. Then a little excitement arrives into the town in the form of a travelling library which presents Tamara with a secret locked diary. And Tamara's life dramatically changes. She becomes a detective of her own life, trying to solve mysteries surrounding her family and the place she now calls home.

Let's talk about the book edition first. Black. Dark with a pretty illustration on the front. Keys probably which symbolise all the secrets Tamara needs to uncover. Blur on the back doesn't get much away. Although after reading the book, it doesn't fully grasps the story or the main headline of the story itself. Paperback. 420 pages divided into 26 chapters.

The writing is easy to read and follow. Very modern. Very relate able. But it's packed with unnecessary descriptions. It took me a while to get into this book due to the fact that there is more of a surrounding description, than story itself. But I managed to bite this through and at the end it worked out quite well. The story is charming. Mesmerising at times. It's packed with secrets and shady behaving. You will create your own theories about what is this story about, but at the end it manages to surprise you with major twist I didn't see coming.

Ms Ahern manages to capture the feelings and thoughts of 17-year old girl who thinks the whole world is against her, quite well. At times I have laughed out loud and certain parts did made me a little sad, but I wasn't overly invested in this book. From the author of P.S. I love you and Where Rainbows End, I was expecting a little bit more. The story and pace of it was a little mild for me. It wasn't as exciting, thrilling and joyful as I hoped for. More of a like a substitute.. It's like when you really really really fancy a banoffee pie, but all you have in the fridge is a yogurt. It's like you are on a diet. The food is nice and healthy, but not satisfying enough.

Tamara is a typical teenage girl with her mood swings and feelings that everything and everyone is out there to get her. But after going through a drastic life-style changing event and losing someone very close to her, she starts to peel off her hard and dried layers, and becomes more of a softie. She thinks more about the consequences of her actions. And she fights and finally starts to take charge of her future and her life. Rosaleen is the most secretive and strangest character I have got a pleasure to meet in a while. And she is just a crazy bitch who just doesn't have everything in order in her mind. Arthur is a lovely uncle who wants to help but is bit too whipped to do so. And Tamara's mum Jennifer.. well at start I was a little bit pissed off with her as she just dropped her life and a depression became her full time job. She closed herself of to the world, without thinking about Tamara - her only child. But soon enough we find out that not everything is what is seems. My favourite character in this book must be Sister Ignatius. She is just a bright shining ray of sunshine in this book. She is a lively, loveable and wonderful soul. But when needed she takes charge  and tries to go out of her way to help you in your troubles. A Beautiful old lady who can quickly become your best friend.

All in all, I must say that I have been a little bit disappointed at the start. The many descriptions, and I do recall a 5 sentence description of Arthur's trip to the little boy room, kind of put me off the story, but soon enough the author decided to actually start to write the story itself instead of setting up the scene. It picked up and I have enjoyed the many secrets which finally came to light and made everything much more bare able. I can say that I won't be picking up the book for quite some time, but I have not given up on Cecelia Ahern's writing just yet.

Solid 3 out 5 stars.


  1. That's interesting. I just read One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern and although I didn't love the book that much (lack of character progression kinda irked me) it did make me want to read more of her work, like I can't quite decided whether she's an author im into or not.


    1. Oh I know.. it's a hard decision. I am really excited to read Where Rainbows End as I loved LOVE, ROSIE but this book was a little bit of a downer for me. But we can always give it a go ;-)