Monday, 15 December 2014


Warning! This book was a major surprise for me and it's a must read for the fans of YA genre.

THE SELECTION is a debut novel written by Kiera Cass. Actually, there are three books in total in this series and The Selection is the first one. Oh my, and what an introduction to the series it is!!

Right, I have to be honest with you my lovely readers. At the start I wasn't that impressed when I purchased this book. The blur on the back made it sounds like a Billionaire Bachelor has been put down on a paper, instead of poisoning our TV screens. But soon enough, actually 3 pages into this book, I found myself intrigued by it. About 50% into it,  I was totally invested into the story and routing for the characters, 3/4 in it and I was hopelessly in love with Prince Maxon. Last 30 pages I was cursing the author. And after reading the last chapter, I was begging for more so much...

THE SELECTION takes us to the time after 4th World War when what used to be Canada and USA joined forces and created the kingdom Illea and the society was divided into 8 different casts with the royal family being number One. The loveable  Prince Maxon is coming to an age where he needs to start looking for a wife - the future queen. As a tradition says, there is a organised search for the one. All the girls in Illea, who are the right age, can apply to become one of 35 lucky girls who will be flown off to the palace to compete for Prince's heart and affections. And this is where we meet America Singer. She a happy Five in love with Aspen who is a Six. They plan to get married, but nothing is a easy as it used to be before everything has changed. They cannot get married and live happily ever after. And soon enough the pressure start to cause cracks in their relationship. Aspen asks America to apply for The Selection and then he breaks up with her and completely stumps on her heart. Sad America is chosen to become one of the 35 girlies and leaves for the palace to compete in The Selection and finds out that there is more to Maxon then she originally  thought. Them two become fast friends and America's heart finally starts to believe that she might be destined for more.. But will she become the queen and the One for Prince Maxon?

Let's talk about the book edition first. I absolutely love the photograph on the cover. Beautiful girl in beautiful dress. A girl who is clearly competing in The Selection. America Singer. 327 pages divided into 25 chapters. And I cannot forget to mention the funny dedication the author wrote: "Hi, Dad! *waves*" And then of course, even funnier acknowledgement, which says: "Okay, just in case you're really busy or tired because you stayed up late finishing, I want to thank you first for reading my book. For reals, I love you. Thanks." I just love how easy going Kiera Cass is.

Let's talk about the writing. Very modern. Easy to follow. Very well paced. Funny. Entertaining. Smart. And very addict able. It makes you invested in the story and doesn't let you to put the book down.

The story itself.. well... I must say I have been a little bit skeptical when picking up this book. As mentioned I was expecting some twisted version of Billionaire Bachelor show turned into a YA novel. But soon enough, from the first chapter, the book managed to surprise me. And the little surprises kept on coming. Firstly, I didn't expect it to take place in a world after the 4th World War where USA & Canada were turned into a kingdom and the society was divided into casts. Secondly, I didn't expect to actually really enjoy reading the book. BUT I DID. I found myself falling for the story more and more. I am finding myself getting lost in this weird twist of reality show / fairytale. I want to keep on reading so much, that I ordered the rest of the books in series immediately. Thirdly. America, seriously... How can you not see how charming Maxon is. Forget Aspen, he broke your heart. Let's get lost in the fact that The Prince - who is so wonderful, good and absolutely adorable - is trying to woo you. Even if I think that there is more to the reasoning behind Aspen's break up with America. So how could I not fall for this story? It has all the elements of good YA novel - love triangle, bitch-stabbing, competing for love.. and trying to love all over again.. what a great recipe.

And now it's time to analyse the characters. America Singer is such a wonderful female character. She reminds a lot of Cinderella. She is beautiful, smart, kind and very talented in the music department. She is strong and isn't scared to speak her own mind. She is a great role model. And she is very fair to Aspen and Maxon too. Aspen.. Well, he seems so nice at the start. Him and America were so in love, until his self-pitty did get in the way. And then he came back and apologised and thought everything will be were they left off.. No, I do not trust you Aspen. There is something which doesn't make me fall head over heels for you. Call in female intuition, but you aren't out of the bad books yet. Maxon.. oh charming Maxon. How can you not fall in love with him? Seriously? A Powerful leader who loves his family and people. Kind. Generous. Gorgeous. Adored by his people.  He is even willing to put his feeling for America on the side until she makes up her mind. He is willing to let her go to be happy.  Even if it's with someone else. He is truly a prince charming.

You see just how much I fell for this story? I cannot fault anything. I am way too invested .. How did this happen?

Now I have to talk about the twist of bringing Aspen back into America's life.. I see what you are doing there Kiera Cass. A Love triangle is the oldest trick in the book. I hated when America fell for his charm and nonsense again, but I do appreciate your efforts when she didn't choose him  or Maxon.. She chose herself. I am liking it.

All in all. I fell in love with this story deeply. I didn't expect the effect it had on me and how much I actually liked it. But it did happen and now I cannot wait to finish off the series with THE ELITE & THE ONE. I now that there is a collection of short stories too, named The Prince, The Guard, The Favourite & The Queen. I am also aware that there is a fourth book coming out next year THE HEIR.  Once my self-imposed ban of not buying any books is over, I will make sure to purchase them as well.

Well done Kiera Cass!! I have truly fell under your spell.


  1. Wow amazing review!! I feel the same way about this novel/series :)
    Have you read The One?

    1. Hello lovely! Sorry it took such a long time to reply, but I have a little busy bee! Yes, I did read THE ONE and I have enjoyed this story to the very end! You should check out the review, shall be in the January file! Now, I am just very impatiently waiting for THE HEIR to come out! Not long now!!!