Friday, 5 December 2014

Tahereh Mafi : SHATTER ME

Warning: Is there a whole in your heart after the X-men series, which needs to be full filled ? Pick up the SHATTER ME book series and you will never regret it.

SHATTER ME is a debut novel written by the lovely Tahereh Mafi. There are three books in the original series, plus two short stories.

I have been meaning to read this novel for quite some time. To be honest, it's been sitting on my book shelf for past couple of months, but I have been so busy reading other stories, that it had to be patiently waiting there to be picked up and read. So finally, I have decided to include it in Autumn Reading Challenge. The time has come to find out if the rumours are true and this is one of the best YA book series you ever read.

The lovely Sara from Carpe Librum Girl ( ) told me that this is her favourite book series. And I, as true adventurer in the stories of the literarworld, have decided that it's time to find out for myself what is hidden behind the beautiful book covers.

SHATTER ME tells a story of JULIETTE. We find Juliette being imprisoned for past 2 years in some hidey hole no one knows about. Juliette actually hasn't spoken to another person for over a year. You see, Juliette has been taken away from her family due to an unfortunate accident. She has a gift. Well she thinks it's a curse. Everyone who touches her can die. Her skin can kill. So she has been poked and experimented on and now lives in this prison. Her only company are numbers. She counts everything. That is until she gets a new roommate. ADAM. But the thing is Adam isn't just anybody. She knows him. She actually had a crush on him for years and years. And with the arrival of Adam, changes are in tale. And Juliette is thrown in to a life changing adventure.

Firstly, let's talk about the edition. Because oh my, I love love love this book edition. Paperback. 338 pages divided into 50 chapters. Gorgeous. Mesmerising drawing on the cover. Actually all the books in this series have a wonderful cover. The eye can see into your soul. The blur on the back makes you want to buy the book immediately. It's intriguing. The edition actually sold me the book in the first place.

The writing. Intriguing. Thrilling. Exciting. Surprising and down to the point. We follow everything from Juliette's perspective. And what is the most wonderful about Mafi's writing is that she writes it in the style of someone's thinking. I love the crossed away thoughts and sentences. I love the repeating. It's refreshing to read something so modern and truthful.

The story itself is an exciting ride. One chapter is packed with sexual tension between Adam and Juliette. Another chapter we are on the run. It's packed with enormous amounts of twists and turns and just keeps on giving. It keeps you on your toes with it's constant change of pace. I love this. I love this story. It has all the elements I like: adventure, love, superpowers, world in shatters and all the massive amounts of strength and will to survive. The sexual tension between Adam and Juliette is brilliantly described. These two just cannot catch a break.

All the characters in this book are so likeable. Even the villains. Juliette has been living in belief that she is cursed all her life. She is scared that she hurst someone by accident as it has happened before. But at the same time she is strong and fierce. And she is getting to be more independent. Adam reminds me a lot of Tobias from Divergent. A Strong male character who has a heart in the right place and cares for his family and friends. But he can be rational and strong when needed. Warren is the most interest character of them all. He is literally obsessed with Juliette and does anything in his power to keep her with him. It's so interesting to watch how these characters will develop in the future.

As we found out, not everything is as what it seems. Secrets are revealed. And you just cannot wait to find out what will happen next. I know I can't.

Luckily we have, 2 novels and 2 short stories to indulge our souls with: UNRAVEL ME, IGNITE ME & UNITE ME ( DESTROY ME and FRACTURE ME).

Thank you Tahereh for writing such a wonderful series !


  1. I have been wanting to read this book for so long, but still have not gotten a chance to read. I have lots of books on my TBR before I can get to this one. I really like your post it makes me want to read more to finally get to this book.
    Eduardo @ BoomingBooks

    1. Thanks hun, I did really enjoy this book as I have absolutely loved the style of writing and the story. Xmen or not, Juliette is a character to watch!!!