Monday, 1 December 2014

Teri Terry: SLATED

Warning! This book is a brilliant surprise which will blow your mind !

SLATED is a first part of trilogy written by English author Teri Terry. What a great name the author has!! There are two other books : FRACTURED & SHATTERED in this great series.

I have owned this book and was looking forward to reading it for quite some time,  especially after reading great reviews by other book reviewers online. I have been hearing big things about this series. So naturally, I must have found out for myself if the stories are true. I included it in my Autumn Reading Challenge and finally found the time to see if all those brilliant reviews were based on true findings.

"Gripping, chilling and all too real. An un-put-down-able thriller." L.A. Weatherly, author of ANGEL

"An original and hating psychological thriller. I was gripped from the first page and can't wait to read more. " Julie Bertagna, author of EXODUS AND ZENITH

"A beautiful, intriguing puzzle revealed piece by dark and sinister piece." Sara Grant, author of DARK PARTIES

Hmm. Thriller? I usually don't like thrillers.. Well not after reading and being disappointed by Gone Girl. (No Gillian Flynn, I still haven't forgiven you for that one!!) But YA thriller might actually do the trick and change my mind. And SLATED did the job well.

Welcome to society where the bad youngsters are punished by wiping their memory clean and setting them up with brand new life. A society where they might just get a second chance being better. They are SLATED. They are getting a chance to be redeemed. Meet Kyla. A Sixteen-year-old with freshly wiped memory. She is leaving the hospital to start her new life with new family in brand new place in England. Although everything is new and she even doesn't know how to cross the road safely, she keeps having flashbacks of her old life. Well she thinks, that they are nightmares, but soon enough we find out that this isn't the case.  It seems that Kyla is different. But just how different we or her don't know yet. And then there is the lovely Ben she seems to have a connection with... And of course as a brand new slated person, she is being watched. She doesn't know who to trust. She doesn't know what she did to be Slated. And she cannot understand why the old life keeps creeping upon her. Why the slated procedure didn't seem to work properly on her??

Let's start with the edition. I love the drawing / picture on its cover. A Beautiful young girl with bright green eyes which seem to look into your soul. Kyla herself.  434 pages divided into 51 chapters. Mesmerising. Modern.

The writing is just how I like it. Easy to read and follow. Gripping. Exciting. Packed with twists and turns. And it's very modern. There are so many references to modern age and England I cannot even count it on my fingers. I loved it.

The story itself gets under your skin straight from the start. From the first page you will be glued to the book and you won't be able to let go. It's packed with action and happenings. There is always something new and exciting which keeps your mind wonder. What the hell is going on? What did Kyla do to deserve to be Slated? Are these all young people really killers and terrorists? You are not able to put this book down.

The chapters are all right size. There is no unnecessary description of forest or how the wind move. Straight to the point. It lets your imagination go free and wild. It's exciting. Thrilling. Yes, after reading this book, I would call it a thriller. And I must say it's a first thriller I truly enjoyed. It paints a story of very possible future in true colours. Who is the enemy ? Is the government really on our sides?

The characters in this book are really interesting. Kyla. Sixteen year old teenager with so many questions and interesting past she cannot recall. She is fierce. Strong. Independent if allowed. I love her character so far. Her sister Amy seemed like a bland character at the start, just accepting everything without questioning it even if it didn't make sense, but as soon as you find out why she has been slated, you are falling for the character and understanding her a little bit more. Now, Ben.... Well I found him very confusing. He seems to be  a happy chap, but he just easily follows what others tell him to do. He doesn't wonder about his past. He doesn't question anything. But soon enough he is proven that he needs to take charge a little bit more. Now, my favourite character is Kyla's adoptive mum. She has been through a lot but is a stronger person for it. She is very intriguing and I hope she is good. She seems to be, especially compare to Kyla's dad who I really really don't trust. He seems shady!

All in all, SLATED is a brilliant start to the trilogy. I cannot wait to sit down and read more. I am packed with excitement of what is coming next. So many questions to be answered. And I need answers!!!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Teri Terry for showing that the thriller genre does have a place in Young Adult literature. I have truly enjoyed this joyful ride.

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