Wednesday, 30 April 2014

5 Books I Would Like to See As A Film

In the boom of the Hollywood making books into films (and sometimes destroying them in the process) I have decided to write a post with my list of books I would like to be turned into films.

Now, I have to be very critical though. Although I want to see these stories and their protagonist come to life on the big screen, due to the film adaptations of the books I have seen recently, I am very sceptical that they would be any good. I think the best book adaptation I have seen so far were Harry Potter films and that only happened thanks to big budgets and being made in UK (sorry US but for some reason you cannot get the film adaptations right!).

Having said that though, here I come with my list of books I think would be awesome as films if they would be made right. And I am not talking only about special effects (because the tech guys can do some incredible stuff these days...), I am taking about the right cast and a take on the story by Hollywood screen writers. They have been pissing me off lately by destroying incredible stories like Divergent, The Book Thief, The Host, The Mortal Instruments...

But I have to say they aren't doing that bad of a job. I have truly enjoyed Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of The Wall Street and I heard that 12 Years A Slave is Oscar winning film, but I have to see that for myself. Also I have to mentioned how much I enjoyed Emma Stone's performance and the whole adaptation itself of the book THE HELP.

But let's get down to business and talk about stories I picked to be turned into BIG HOLLYWOOD MONEYMAKERS if created with the right team. I am more than happy to lend them my help if they would ask me :)


Blake's story Anna Dressed In Blood in one of those books which managed to surprise me by blowing my mind away. When purchasing this book I wasn't expecting to fall in love with Cas and the ghost who he needs to kill. I wasn't expecting to love the story so much, that I couldn't put it down and immediately bought the sequel. And of course the sequel managed to be one of the best sequels I have read too. ( And you all know I have a major problem with liking the sequels - they always tend to disappoint me.).

I can see that this book, if taken under qualified and very skill-full wings, can be a great blockbuster. It has everything what can glue you to the screen. Mystery, darkness, thrilling storyline, romance and wit and some paranormal activity. What else do you need from a film? I can see Cas being played by some young Hollywood star with broody image. I think Colton Haynes would be perfect (although he might be a little too old for the role - but when that mattered in Hollywood?). And Anna's character could go to.... hmmm that is hard. Because for some reason the casting directors always pick someone I hate, so I don't know (but not Selena Gomez please!). And Canada would be perfect for the film set so I think with the right script and great cast, this could be a great film version of an excellent book.

ELEANOR AND PARK by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park is one of my favourite books. One of the best books I have ever read. It reminds me of first love and how love supposed to feel in general. It has been recently picked by one of the film studios which bought the rights and are preparing to turn this beautiful story of first love into a film. I would love for this film to be an indie style film as I think the story would benefit from outside the Hollywood budgeting. Look at the Twilight series! The first one was so much better that the rest of the films in the series. A low budget never means worse film. Usually the opposite is the case and I wish that for Eleanor & Park. I wish they would pick two unknown talents (maybe a worldwide casting for the main roles). But I also wish that whoever takes this story on board, will keep the beauty of this sentimental story and its originality simple without adding any extra Hollywood crap which usually destroys nice stories. This is why I fell in love with the book. It's simple. It's everlasting. It makes you smile. It makes you cry. And it makes you feel every emotion possible. And It would be a great shame if the writers would damaged the story in Hollywood way.


I can see this as a romantic comedy which would bring together all girlfriends on a girl night. Boys would be left at home to do their many bonding and girls would share a bottle of wine (or two?) and have a trip to the pictures. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me is a perfect recipe for a romantic genre. Humour? Check. Insecure character struggling with loosing weight and poor love life? Check. Plenty of embarrassing situations? Check. Dreamy bad boy who can be reformed? Check. Falling in love when least expected? Check. To be honest, I would love to play the role of Neve. She is one of the most relatable characters I have read in a while and I would love to breathe a life and my own spin into this character (Hollywood just give me a call, I am ready whenever!). Definitely, it would be lots of fun filming this story. And I am sure it would make Valentine's Days playlist in every single girl's household.

THRONE OF GLASS by Sarah J. Maas

Throne Of Glass is one of the books which managed to surprise me this year. I have fallen in love with the story of Celaena, Chaol and Dorian instantly. I can see a big production in the style of Game of Thrones or Hobbit would be the most suitable for this story. Celaena Sardothien is an amusing character. An assassin who was brought from the salt mines to compete in the competition to become King's Assassin. Hot girl. Love triangle. Lots of killing. All set in the fantasy world of magic, old worlds and fairies. This could be good if taken under talented wings.


Gone Girl can get stuffed. This is the thriller of the year for me. I loved the story of Amelia who committed suicide at the young and precious age and we follow the story of her mother who is slowly discovering that her daughter had secrets on her own and maybe, just maybe her death wasn't a suicide after all. It is packed with suspense, new discoveries, twists and turns which keep on surprising you all the way through. This could be a great thriller film which would have you glued to the screens.

I have picked these five books as they each represents a different style (genre) of cinematography and I will believe that if the studios would pick the right cast, the writers would write a good script, they all could become blockbusters and permanent members of your DVD collection.

What do you think about my picks? What would be yours? Please leave your picks in the comments below as I would love to hear your opinions on future films inspired by literature.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES is a novel written by best-selling author of coming-of-age novels - JOHN GREEN. I have to say I am a John Green's virgin as I have not read anything written by him..Yet! So, in the true fashion of me being me, I have decided that it's time to throw myself into his masterpieces. I have bought the three most famous novels - An Abundance of Katherines, Looking For Alaska & The Fault In Our Stars. 

I have chosen the first one to start off with as it was recommended to be by one of my Instagram friends @liznadiaparis1D_ . So I was expecting great things from this book. John Green and his works are world-famous and adored by millions of readers all over the world. I was sure it would be excellent. 

But after reading it, I must say, it was only OK

As I was saying, John Green has a reputation of excellent story-telling which keeps you turning pages like FLASH running but for me it wasn't like that. It's more like a driving vintage mini cooper when you are driving really slow, scared that something will break and you find yourself stranded on a road. It was a slow burner...

The story follows a child prodigy, genius Colin Singleton who has a problem. Somehow, he always falls in love with girls named Katherine. As long as your name is spelled K-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E, you become Colin's crush - guaranteed. Love isn't easy for Colin though and these girls always break his heart. Most recently Katherine numero 19. So after some self-pity, all-night-long crying, him and his best friend Hassan decide to go on a road trip and somehow end up in the middle of nowhere, little town called Gutshots. And here is where Colin starts to think about his life and the reason why he always falls for girls named Katherine. 

At the start I have found this book very entertaining and it got me to smile and giggle. Nothing better that a heartbroken specimens of a man who cries like a baby after break-up, can make me laugh out loud. But after Colin started to work on his Theorem and the graphs and mathematical quotations started to appear, it lost its original appeal. Now, I am not blaming the author for this as it's my own fault that I read this book at 2AM while working my night shift, but all the genius talking got me too tired and I couldn't continue on reading. But I know that the author tried to create something new and never done before, so I can appreciate his efforts. But they were lost on me. Also, I felt that the story was a little forced after that and it lost its original wittiness. 

Having said that, I did enjoy the little notes which gave further explanation when required. 

Looking at the characters... I am sorry, but Colin is one winey piece of man. Seriously, he is not a man, just a boy. He is more cheesy than the brie I bought in my local supermarket and fails to stand up for himself. And he is selfish. Really selfish. I am not sure if I am supposed to like this character or not... From what I read, I don't like him at all. Can't even feel sorry for him. His best friend Hassan is my favourite character in this novel as he is funny and lost. He follows the rules of God (sometimes bend them to his satisfaction) and he is a great best friend who you can rely on. Lindsay is a lovely girl, who is smart, funny and beautiful but seems to be stuck in her little town and lacks the determination to do something with her life. She reminds me my mum a lot :)

The story itself is little bit boring and lacks a lot of engaging parts, but the writing is funny and keeps you chuckling when you least expect it. But it doesn't blow my mind. It doesn't leave an ever-lasting impression and it doesn't make me want to read it again. It is one of those novels you buy, read it and leave it on the bookshelf for others to read. Actually, it did pick up a little bit in last three chapters, especially in the epilogue which brought many quotes which made me think. But isn't a good sign of a great book, if only the epilogue is worth the reading. 

But I do love the cover. Bright read with a white lightbulb. It's modern. Eye-catching and definitely not able to be missed. And of course, it's related to the story which is a plus. So well done to the artwork department for designing a book cover which makes you want to read the book. Even if the story is lacking something. 

So to summarise my first experience with John Green's writing: It was ok, but I wasn't overly impressed. Let's hope that the rest of the books won't be following similar fashion. Sorry Mr Green and sorry Mr Green's fans but I am not fond of this book at all. 

Here are some of the quotes I did like :

“Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back.”

“You don't remember what happened. What you remember becomes what happened.”

“I figured something out. The future is unpredictable.”

“There's some people in this world who you can just love and love and love no matter what.”

“That's who you really like. The people you can think out loud in front of.”

“What matters to you defines your mattering.”

“He liked the mere act of reading, the magic of turning scratches on a page into words inside his head.”

Monday, 7 April 2014


Warning! This article will be followed by massive amounts of YouTube re-runs of your favourite scenes and couples. Guaranteed! I have been doing that myself during past couple of sleepless nights! 

I have decided to share with you my favourite TV shows. TV is a part of our everyday routine and TV shows, if they are good, become our obsessions. We talk about them with our work colleagues, friends, family members, even strangers from public or on the internet. I have made lots of friends online since starting this blog and love the fact that I can discuss my favourite shows, characters and plot lines with them. I have been doing it for ages with books, but recently I have become literally obsessed with the one TV show and that brought be the idea of writing this article. I do apologise in front, if you don't agree with my choices or your favourite TV show didn't make the spot. Please do let me know in comments what is your favourite show and why! I would love to hear your opinions. 

But let's stop the rambling and let's get down to the business.


Gossip Girl appear on our screens in September 2007 and instantly became one of the most favourite shows on TV. And why not? CW got the recipe just right. Written and based on a successful novel of the same name, we have all been thrown into the lives of the rich and poor of Upper East Side in New York. With constant stream of drama, relationships, new love interests and gorgeous amazing fashion, we have all been hooked. I must say though, there was no need to follow the group of these spoilt rich brats for six whole seasons. After a while the story got boring, it seemed to me that the writers of the show run out of ideas to make it sizzly and interesting. Instead it felt like it dragged on. And of course, my favourite couple actually never got together!

Yes, my lovely readers, I have been routing for Nate & Little J!!! I have been a fan of this couple all the way from the start. I had my hopes up all the way through first and second series, but then she turned out to be a bit of a crazy cow and he got his ever lasting fix with Serena. Oh well at least Chuck and Blair survived all the scandals and troubles and became the ultimate couple of GG. 

But the ultimate pro of this show is THE FASHION. Serena and Blair were the two girls I wanted to be friends with so I can get lost in their wardrobes (and steal every single couture gown possible - even Blair's Ellie Saab blue wedding dress !). This was the one thing why this show left a missing place in the industry! Currently, there isn't a show on our TV screens which would provide such a great fashion and style! Shame! The costume department of this is greatly missed!


It all started in an apartment building when two geeks met their new neighbour. A pretty blond name Penny. That was six years ago! And since then we have been following their hilarious conversations, the struggle with relationships and their own personalities. Sheldon Cooper took over our lives with his hilarious view of life and we are still glued to the TV screens every week to find out more. 

This show brought a revolution to the world - to be a geek is actually ok and sexy. And I love it!

I can re-watch every single episode over and over again and every single time I find something new and funny to laugh on. 


Who's that girl? It's Jess. 

A girl gets cheated on. She gets thrown out of her apartment. A girl finds new home in a flat with three guys. You know you are in for a funny adventure! And that's what New Girl is about. Jess is my heroine. She is smart, funny, beautiful and quirky. I love her. She is awkward and very clumsy and has a talent to find herself in the most ridiculous situations possible. She is secretly ( well not so secretly now) in love with Nick. They have live together with their housemates and all is crazy in Jessville!

I love the show, it never fails to make me smile!


ABC's spin-off show which didn't do that well on US market. It follow Caleb - Hannah's boyfriend from Pretty Little Liars - who can see a death ghost because he lived in Ravenswood in one of his past lives. Ravenswood is cursed. Long time ago six families sing a contract to protect their soldiers in war by giving up five lives of teenagers. 

In theory, this could be a good series. We have a group of young attractive people who are all bonded by a big secret in a scary town. But we have seen what has happened to CW's Secret Circle. I has been cancelled after one season and the same faith met Ravenswood. After 10 episodes filled with excitement and suspense, the show has been quietly cancelled without proper end! (which I always hate when a show gets cancelled. No ending. Just leave us hanging on! HATE IT!) .

Caleb is returning to his home show Pretty Little Liars in autumn and the rest of the cast is left to look for another job. Actually Caleb aka Tyler Blackburn was the best thing about the show. I love him in PLL as Hannah's boyfriend and I hope this couple will get another go at their relationship. 


Two seasons ago, this would be my number one show. But in the fashion of the books, which this show is based on, the series got worse and worse after fourth season. The only good thing remaining - Alexander Skarsgard and my hope we will see him naked more and in the arms of Sookie Stackhouse. 

True Blood has become a phenomenon. It has been adored by fans all over the world and the first four seasons took your breath away after the first watch. There are vampires like no others. There was a massive amount of violence and sex that the TV stations in UK had to show the show after 10PM. 

But the last two seasons, the show lost the plot and it's gone from bad to worse. This year, the last season of the show is coming and I have high hopes that finally the writers will put it right and bring back the good old gang with their good old problems. But we shall see...

Countdown to the series premiere has started. 22nd June 2014.... 


There is something about the shows HBO creates! They always seems to get it right! And GAME OF THRONES is no exception. 

What can I say about Game of Thrones which hasn't been said before. We all love it. Even the people who say they don't like it, they secretly love it. This show has such amount of back-stabbing, murders, killing, rapes, incests, love affairs, blood-shedding and intrigues like no other. And even when our stomachs cannot take it anymore, we are still watching it. It's brilliant. We all from our supporting camps. Personally I am definitely Daenerys Targaryen fan. I hope she will be the winner at the end. And she is the only half decent person in the running for THE THRONE to be honest .

Let's all hope that the new series will bring more drama and killing into our lives :)


I cannot believe that this show has just finished the forth season and it is still incredibly good. I am in awe of the authors and writers for coming up with so many twits and turns and surprises on this show. One minute you are certain you know, who A is and boom, there is a new development which confuses you even more. 

I honestly don't know what else they can prepare for us in the fifth season but I am going to be there to watch it. And this is the first ever series, where I love and root for all the couples - Aria & Ezra, Toby & Spencer, Caleb & Hannah and Emily with her new love squeeze. I cannot even pick my favourite Liar!! But it might be Spencer... I love her fashion style !


It all started one friday night when I discovered this TV show with the two most hot guys in a while - Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. Wow, those boys are dreamy! I have been following this show ever since. I love brooding Stefan and I really want that Elena will finally make the right choice and chooses Stefan. Their love is EPIC!

But having said that, I also see why people love her relationship with Damon as he always challenges her. It's a roller-coaster type of relationship which can keep you entertain for couple of seasons. Currently the couple on this show is Damon & Elena with Stefan watching from the sidelines while being supported by his best friend Caroline. But this season is not over yet and TVD has been renewed for another season, so I am sure that we will see more of this love triangle again. Although, I am not sure what story lines the writers can produce as I already feel that the show is loosing its original charm, but I guess I have to sit tight and wait for the results. 


When did history became so damn sexy? I will tell you when. It was when the creative heads in CW decided to put their spin on it and created a little show called REIGN. 

Reign follows the life and destiny of Mary, The Queen of Scots and her stay at the french court when she was betrothed to Henry, the future King of France. This show burst on our TV screens and got us hooked. There is sex, violence, drama, intrigues, backstabbing, love affairs and all on the backgrounds of beautiful locations and amazing fashion. 

Seriously, the fashion - dresses and headpieces in this show has even their own Twitter account. I love, love, love everything about this show - apart from Bash. I am a serious Mary & Francis shipper (although I do know the history <insert a sad face>) ! They are just adoringly cute! 


I must have been living under a stone in a dark cave on a desert island, because I have discovered this absolutely fantastic show only couple of weeks ago. Yes, of course I have heard about it, but never really bothered to look it up. You see, here in the UK we really rely on Channel 4 and E4 to bring us CW shows from across the pond. And they haven't bought the rights yet! And that is a shame! BIG BIG SHAME!

Not only they deny to let us watch one of the most entertaining TV shows on current US market, but also they will not let us watch STEPHEN AMELL. Oh yeah, that man is just divine. And every single episode we can see him do his thing - working out shirtless! I can honestly say, I have never seen a more beautiful and more perfect piece of a male specimens. He has definitely found his ways to my dreams a lot recently! :)

Another and the biggest thing I love about this show is the relationship between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. Yes, I am an OLICITY fan! I think these two actors have such a great chemistry and sometimes I get very angry that the writers of the who's do not use it more! It would be to their advantage! It's a pleasure to watch these two - their famous looks and touches caused fan bases to form. I hoe they will get more airtime together and end up in a proper relationship at the end. I think Oliver needs to be with somebody like Felicity who can show him how beautiful life is and there doesn't need to be bad memories and killing only. 

I am looking forward to see more of this show and hope that Channel 4 or E4 will buy the rights soon! 


SEX AND THE CITY (The ultimate break-up TV show!)
GIRLS (A hit show trying to follow similar pattern as Sex and The city but better!)
HART OF DIXIE (Wilson Bethel can make any girl swoon!)
THE MINDY PROJECT (Hilarious sitcom from the doctor's world which will crack you up to stitches!)