Monday, 28 July 2014

Rainbow Rowell: FANGIRL

Rainbow... Rainbow... Rainbow... You all know how much I love Ms Rowell's writing. Every single book so far, has been such a pleasure to read. So, when I got my hands on FANGIRL ( and my reading schedule allowed it ), I got really excited. This third novel written by my favourite author has been praised to heavens by many bloggers and vloggers. I couldn't contain my happiness and excitement to find out for myself if the wonderful reviews are based on any true findings. 

And I was not disappointed... I have absolutely fallen in love - head over heels - with this book. It was right up my street!

FANGIRL tells a story of twin sisters, CATH AND WREN, who have spent all their lives depending on each other, keeping each other's company. That changes, when they start university and Wren decides, that it's time to separate from her twin. Cath is left alone in her brand new room with a brand new roommate, completely clueless and scared to meet new people. You see, Cath is the introvert of the twin set. She is beautiful, smart, writes very popular and amazing fan-fiction.. but she has a zero confidence as all her life she lived in the shadow of her sister. And then.. a boy comes into her life... LEVI.. Handsome, intelligent, sweet, polite, has manners - basically every girl's dream guy. And he likes her and slowly gets under her shell and helps her open up. But not all is well in Cathville - her mum, who abandoned them as children reappears... her dad has another of his episodes... and her sister prefers drunken nights to Cath's company. How will Cath cope with the life's happenings? Will she finally take a charge and start living her life?

There are so many reasons, why I absolutely fell for this book:

Firstly, the writing is so creative. I envy the idea of Ms Rowell to line the story with a different story. It is so refreshing to see a different telling of a story and the idea of starting every chapter with a piece of chapter from different book, is so unique. The pieces are perfectly matched to the subject of each chapter too.

Secondly.. CATH!! Cath is the most relate able character I have read for a very long time. Especially, very relate able to myself. I love fan-fiction ( I have a soft spot for Arrow Fan-Fiction.). I write. I am awkward on many occasions and do not have many friends - maybe due to my nerdiness. She is kind and a very loyal friend. Once you have her heart, you have it forever.

Thirdly, this book is hilarious. In Rowell's true fashion, it engages you straight away. You will not be able to put the book down. You will laugh out loud, and you will cry in certain parts. It is a down-to-earth story that every girl can enjoy.

Fourthly, LEVI is the dreamy boyfriend who ticks all the boxes in the boyfriend department. I swear, the guy has been sent from heaven. His relationship with Cath is just too cute.. I wish for every guy to read this book, so they know how to behave like a gentleman. Also, I have enjoyed the fact that Ms Rowell didn't portray the parents in the all-well-known fashion of putting them on a pedestal and never doing anything wrong. ART has a kind of a bipolar disorder and LAURA has been out of the picture for a while, spending past ten years being not-so-perfect mum. The relationships portrayed in this story are down to earth and true to the life's experience. 

Lastly, this book is genius. Ms Rowell created a wonderful story of life and its ups and downs. You get sucked into the story and will live the lives of its main characters. It's modern, smartly written, packed with jokes and funny references. I have actually nothing bad to say about this book and I am really impressed with this story. It seems that even NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS was right when it said: "Fangirl is a deliciously warm-hearted nerd power ballad destined for greatness."

The book cover is beautiful and matches precisely its previous siblings with light pastel coloured background and pretty animation of main characters. I love the book so much that I have its paperback edition and I ordered a hardback which is on the way to my house.

Another very well done Ms Rowell. I have fallen for Fangirl so much that I cannot wait for the next time I re-read this book. Thank you for another mind-blowing, heart-shattering, good-for-a-soul story. Third time is the charm!

Friday, 25 July 2014


Warning: YOU WILL CRY!!! 100%!!

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS... John Green's best-selling novel which brought down millions of girls in tears. We cried and cried and cried. I have been resisting to read this novel for quite some time, but the recently released film adaptation brought the timetable a little bit forward and I found myself reading this book while waiting for one of my flights at the airport. 

I will be honest. I have been expecting big things from this book. Mr Green managed to capture so many young girls' hearts around the whole world. Now, the first novel I read by this author failed to impress me, so this book immediately became THE TEST. 

OH and how much I have fallen in love with the story of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS is THE STORY. Once you read this book, it will stay with you. It crawls under your skin. It changes you. And it will change your look at the world. 

I will not bother you with the plot of the story. I will not ruin it for you. I think you should read it for yourself or go and see the film in the cinema. 

But now, I will praise Mr Green's writing and the story itself. It was wonderful. The story itself was so true, sad and a big check into reality. He wasn't afraid to touch the subject of cancer survived patients or the unfortunate ones who fight this awful disease. He took us on the journey to see their everyday life and struggles, but he also showed us that they have the same problems as any other person - they have their moods swings, play video games, have a broken heart and fall in love. 

I was surprised at how easy was to get lost in this story. So so so easy to read. You start and an hour later you find yourself in the middle of the book, being not able to put it down. It's smart. It teaches you the facts of life. It makes you smile - actually scratch that - it makes you laugh out loud. But it also breaks your heart and you find yourself crying your heart out. Tears will be streaming down your face.. Tears for Augustus Waters. Tears for heartbroken Hazel Grace. 

This story is so inspiring. It gives you new-found strength to deal with ups and downs of your life. It inspires you to live your life to the fullest and enjoy every single moment. It shows you how important is to not to give but continue fighting. 

I have fallen in love with this book, like I fall asleep. "Slowly, but then all at once." Augustus Waters, you have stolen and broke my heart. Hazel Grace Lancaster, your unique view on the life and the way you deal with things is inspiring. MR JOHN GREEN... I love you and I hate you at the same time.  This book is amazing. The story is wonderfully heart-shattering. The characters are funny, loveable and aside from the cancer, very relate able. 

Thank you Mr Green for writing this unique, beautiful story which keeps continue to surprise and is with me all the time. You have marked my soul with your words. I am eternally grateful to you for bringing these two people into my life. 

The quotes all the girls around the world know of by heart: 

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”

“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.”

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” 

"I'm in love with you, and I'm not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I'm in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we're all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we'll ever have, and I am in love with you.” 

“You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world...but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.”

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”

“There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There's .1 and .12 and .112 and an infinite collection of others. Of course, there is a bigger infinite set of numbers between 0 and 2, or between 0 and a million. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. A writer we used to like taught us that. There are days, many of them, when I resent the size of my unbounded set. I want more numbers than I'm likely to get, and God, I want more numbers for Augustus Waters than he got. But, Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn't trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful.” 

“The world is not a wish-granting factory.” 

“There will come a time when all of us are dead. All of us. There will come a time when there are no human beings remaining to remember that anyone ever existed or that our species ever did anything. There will be no one left to remember Aristotle or Cleopatra, let alone you. Everything that we did and built and wrote and thought and discovered will be forgotten and all of this will have been for naught. Maybe that time is coming soon and maybe it is millions of years away, but even if we survive the collapse of our sun, we will not survive forever. There was time before organisms experienced consciousness, and there will be time after. And if the inevitability of human oblivion worries you, I encourage you to ignore it. God knows that’s what everyone else does.”

“Books so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection feels like a betrayal.”

“Without pain, how could we know joy?' This is an old argument in the field of thinking about suffering and its stupidity and lack of sophistication could be plumbed for centuries but suffice it to say that the existence of broccoli does not, in any way, affect the taste of chocolate.” 

“Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.”

Thursday, 24 July 2014


THE SPECTACULAR NOW is a novel written by American author Tim Tharp.  The reason, why I decided to purchase and read this book, was a film I saw last year named by the same name. It caught my attention .

Mr Tharp wrote a story of Sutter Keely. A high school guy who breezes through life with the attitude of living in NOW. Sutter is the popular guy with a gorgeous girlfriend, a car and a job. He doesn't care about the future, the most important thing for him at the moment is to enjoy the spectacular life he leads to the fullest. That changes when his girlfriend breaks up with him. He finds himself coping with it with the only way he knows - drinking and partying. That is when Aimee Finnecky finds him - past out drunk on a yard of someone's home early hours of sunday morning. Sutter likes Aimee - she is smart, beautiful, nice... But she lets everyone walk right over her. So Sutter takes up on himself to teach Aimee how to say NO and enjoy the life.

Firstly,  I have to say that I saw the film adaptation of the book first, so I couldn't help but to compare. Of course, with it comes that I kind of knew what the book is about and what comes next, but luckily Mr Tharp managed to make sure that I could lost in the novel itself.

The story is written from Sutter's point of view. I must say that Sutter in the book seems to be much more arrogant. He thinks that he knows it all and is always right. He doesn't know what responsibility is or how to deal with anything serious. He just seems to cruise through life in alcohol delirium.  He is just a careless guy who doesn't plan anything in the future. He lives for now.

Aimee is much more geeky than in the film and the relationship she has with Sutter seems different to the one in the film. She is naive and addicted to being with Sutter. And Sutter gives her mixed messages. On one hand he is only with her to boost her confidence, but on the other hand he does these sweet things for her. The story and relationship of these two characters is so much darker and less romantic.

The one surprising thing about the Sutter's character is how depressed he sometimes feels. I am not sure if it's me portraying the author's writing incorrectly or I am maybe right, but he seems to have a bipolar disorder.

But Mr Tharp managed to write Sutter story in very entertaining way. It was easy to read, especially as it was very modern and the writing mirrored the way teenagers talk to each other. He even managed to capture how the male brain works. There were moments I have truly laughed out loud while reading this story. And of course there were moments, when I got a little bit upset. But I did truly enjoy reading this story. It was entertaining, funny, smart, modern and very crazy. It was a ride like on a roller-coaster. It was spectacular.

I could relate to Sutter with his theory of living on certain level. I think moral of this story is:  "Let's live the life the fullest. Let's enjoy The Spectacular Now.... with some barriers in mind."

Of course, I was left confused with the ending... For me Sutter Keely died in one of his alcohol induced night... Or just got so drunk and continue to live his life that way he did before - drunk without any responsibility... For me the story deserved a better ending. And this is where I prefer the film adaptation more.

But If we take the ending from the equation, the story is very entertaining and worth to read. Also I would like to recommend to watch the film adaptation of the book as I think that Miles Teller is the perfect Sutter Keely. He plays him wonderfully.

Some quotes from the book which are left on your mind after reading the book: 

“Just remember this- weird's good. Embrace the weird, dude. Enjoy it because it's never going away.”

“Besides, it doesn't matter if it's real. It never does with dreams. They aren't anything anyway but lifesavers to cling to so you don't drown. Life is an ocean, and most everyone's hanging on to some kind of dream to keep afloat.”

“Nothing lasts," she says, and there's a little crack in her voice. "You think it's going to. You think, 'Here's something I can hold on to,' but it always slips away.”

“It's superb to be out in the early, early morning before the sun comes up. There's this sense of being super-alive. You're in on a secret that all the dull, sleeping people don't know about. Unlike them, you're alert and aware of existing right here in this precise moment between what happened and what's going to happen.” 

“Books seem a little old-fashioned, but hey, I can do old-fashioned if it's good.” 

“Our whole society's a training ground for addicts.”

“To hell with tomorrow. To hell with all problems and barriers. Nothing matters but the Spectacular Now.” 

Saturday, 5 July 2014


THE EDGE OF ALWAYS is the second instalment to one of my favourite books I have read last year. J. A. Redmerski is the author of the said book and she took over the amazon and the whole world by a storm when she became one of the most popular, self-published, e-book authors. Her story of Camryn & Andrew found a place in many readers' hearts. I haven't been an exception.

THE EDGE OF NEVER is a wonderful love story of two soul mates who finally, completely randomly, found each other. Their made each others lives better and at the end found their happily-ever-after.

But THE EDGE OF ALWAYS is a little bit different. Although it picks up straight where we left our story in the previous instalment, this book doesn't strike me as a love story. It's more of a story of life and its ups and downs. It tells you what happens after you find your happily-ever-after. When everything falls into place and you cannot believe your luck that you have it. But we all know that life does life to play games with us. Our destiny always puts us through various challenges to make us stronger and live life to the fullest. And that is what this second book is about. About life and how we cope when it doesn't go according to our plan.

Camryn and Andrew finally found each other. Andrew is healthy and his tumour is gone. Camryn got herself a matching tattoo of Orpheus to be perfectly line up with Andrew's Eurydice. And they are expecting a little addition to their beautiful family. All is well in their world. But then tragedy strikes and Camryn and Andrew's love and lives are put through yet another test. Can they find what are they looking for maybe on another road trip? And we are all their to witness their road to recovery, forgiveness, finding their way and finding the reason to live again to the fullest. 

I have fallen in love with the first book. So when I heard that Ms Redmerski wrote a continuum to the story I have been excited, but worried at the same time. You all know I have problems with sequels. Naturally, I was afraid that the author won't be able to find the same voice which spoke to me so lovely previously. But Ms Redmerski managed to pull this off.

She wrote an inspiring story about life and the crossroads we found ourselves on. Yes, there is still the undying love between the main to characters, but what I enjoyed about this book the most, is that it is a story about what happens after the you have everything you wish for. It's real. So so real. The films and TV dramas usually stay away after the curtains have closed, but this book takes us on the road trip of life.

This book makes you want to throw everything away, pack a bag and get yourself on the road. I am definitely inspired to get myself a driving licence and have a long, already very overdue, road trip around USA and Canada. It makes you want to start looking for the one thing you desire. And once you are on the road, you find yourself  - your true self - and you will understand what is your place in the world.

The writing is entertaining. Sexy. Easy to read and follow. Very relate able. Every girl can find a part of her personality in Camryn and every guy can sure relate to Andrew in one way or another. The only thing I didn't like is the fact that I find that Andrew's character has slightly changed, it seems more manly and arrogant more, but that might be only my impression, not on purpose.

But all in all I have enjoyed this book very much and will come back to it again once I find the time. I also recommend to other reader who like modern stories to get their own copy and read it for themselves. You'll all be inspired.

Here are some parts of the books I truly loved:

"We lie back down next to each other and do what we came out here to do. As I gaze up at the infinite blackness of that sky, I'm in complete awe of the moment. I think I find some of myself up in those stars. For a long time I forget about music, being on the road, about the tumor that almost killed me last year, and the moment of weakness that almost killed Camryn's spirit. I forget about losing Lily, and about the fact that I know Camryn stopped taking her birth control pills and didn't tell me. And I forget about the fact that I stopped pulling out for a reason and didn't tell her. 

I really do forget about everything. Because that's what a moment like this does to you. It makes you feel like something so small inside of something so massive that it's beyond comprehension. It strips away all of your problems, all your hardships, all of your worldly needs and wants and desires, forcing you to realise just how insignificant all of this really is. It's like the Earth becomes completely silent and still, and all that your mind can understand or feel is the vastness of the Universe and you gasp thinking about your place within it. 

Who needs psychiatrists? Who needs grief counsellors and life coaches and motivational speakers? Fuck all that. Just stare at the night sky and let yourself get lost in it every now and then. "

Andrew and Camryn's Wedding Vows: 


"Camryn, you are the other half of my soul, and I will love you today and every day for the rest of our lives. I promise that if you ever forget me, I'll read to you like Noah read to Allie. I promise that when we get old and our bones hurt, that we'll never sleep in separate rooms, and that if you die before me, I'll make sure you're buried in your wedding dress. I promise to haunt you like Sam haunted Molly. I promise that we'll never wake up one day years from now wondering why we wasted our lives away by doing nothing, and that no matter what hardships befall us, I'll always, always, be right here with you. I promise to be spontaneous, to always turn down the music when you're asleep, and to sing about raisins when you're sad. I promise to always love you no matter where we are in the world, or in our lives. Because you're the other half of me that I know I can never live without." 


"Andrew, I promise never to leave you on life support and let you suffer when I know in my heart that your life is spent. I promise that if you're ever lost or missing that I will... never stop looking for you. Ever. I promise that when you die, I'll make sure that 'Dust in the Wind' is played at your funeral and to never bury you where it's cold. I promise to always tell you everything no matter how ashamed or guilty I feel, and to trust you when you ask me to do something because I know that everything you do has a purpose. I promise to be by your side always and to never let you face anything alone. I promise to love you forever in this life and whenever we go in the afterlife, because I know I can't go on in any life unless you're in it too." 

Friday, 4 July 2014


I have decided to start a NEW REGULAR POST. Of course, I am not sure how regular it will be, as you never know when life can get in your way. But for now, let's leave the timescales and start to concentrate on the subject of the post.

I am going to share with you BEAUTIFUL EDITIONS of books I have fallen in love from the start. I have been browsing through Waterstones recently (Yes, I am there nearly every week.. I am sad lol) and I have come across some of my favourite books in new editions. And they were stunning.. like I cannot-believe-how-pretty-this-book-is way and immediately my hands were full and my credit card was even lighter. This inspired me to decide to start sharing with you some books I own (or would like to own) which are really beautiful on the eye. Because that's how we humans work.. Everything is judged by us from the first look. And books aren't exceptions. There are millions and millions books out there which pages are filled with beautiful words and inspiring stories, worlds to us yet unknown. But when we walk into a book store, the first thing which catches our eyes is the editions and design of the book.

I have seen some wonderful book editions which literally took my breathe away. Of course, there are book editions out there who aren't on favourable side, but let's honour the good work of the graphic designers who work so hard to make books sellable.

And so it comes, that I am sharing with you my first BEAUTIFUL EDITIONS post. These posts will not be about the inside story, it's all about the outside. So there won't be much talking. I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

The first subject is 2011's edition of PHILLIP PULLMAN's HIS DARK MATERIALS.

I have had these books previously but recently I have stubbled across this newest editions and immediately fell for their design. The old editions went to a charity shop (so some other avid reader can benefit from reading the story) and the new editions found their permanent home on my book shelf in my private library.

The covers were design by and published by SCHOLASTIC CHILDREN'S BOOKS.  All three are paperbacks (you know how much I love my paperbacks !!) and the whole new design creates a wonderful series I am proud to have in my library. Three beautiful books with a wonderful story inside.

What do you think about these wonderful cover. The colours are absolutely stunning and of course the little touch of sparkle gives it a that little extra bit. 

I am so happy to have these books in my personal library as I think that these covers really capture the essence of the story inside. 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sarra Manning : UNSTICKY

UNSTICKY is a second novel written by one of the funniest british authors - Sarra Manning. I have been blown away (as you all read right here on this blog!) by the first book I have ever read by this author - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me. I loved, loved, loved the story and couldn't wait to read more from this author's pen.

Even the Heat magazine seemed to be excited about it: "We were superglued to the pages of this book, and you'll be hooked too."  And why wouldn't they be excited? It promises a unusual love story where a girl falls under the spell of very rich billionaire extraordinaire on the backdrops of high fashion and beautiful places. A modern day fairytale...

But after reading this book, I have been left a little bit disappointed I must say..

Firstly, the plot of the book reminded too much of Pretty Woman / Sex & The City films. An older rich guy finds himself a young mistress in financial hardship who is desperate to earn herself some pennies by sleeping and accompanying him to various social functions. The oldest trick in the history seems to be dusted off. Even with the big names from the fashion world and the amazing descriptions of The Bold and The Beautiful lifestyle, this book lacks some excitement. I found myself struggling to reach for it and read it. There were parts I have enjoyed, but most of the time I was a bit bored. There were boring fights and not very exciting and lacking-sexual-tension make up sessions, but at times the story even fell too forced on the readers. 

But not all was that bad. There were times, I have truly laughed out loud and could relate to certain situations. The one thing and the most important thing I like about Manning's writing is that she keeps it real and very familiar. Every girl can find parts of her in every of Manning's stories. Plus, there is the fact, that all her books are so very british. You shop at M&S and Tesco, you drive the double-decker bus to work, and Starbucks is your coffee heaven. And this book is no different to the trend.

Having said that though, the first thing which popped into my mind after finishing reading this novel was: I am not going to read that again anytime soon. I'd rather re-watch Pretty Woman where the guy is at least a little bit attractive. But Vaughn (the main male character) failed to find his place into my day-dreams. Grace was the girl I didn't want to be. I even didn't want to have her as a best friend! All the characters just seemed too bland and boring to me. 

So, I am very sorry to say this Ms Manning, but this book is a miss for me. I might have enjoyed myself a little bit more being lost in the wonderful world of fashion if I could relate to at least one of the characters, but your writing has failed to make me to envision the world for me to get lost in it. 

Next time, I'd rather watch the original story with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere .. or all 6 seasons of Sex & The Cit. At least Carrie had the 8-year affair with Big. And a good fashion sense.