Monday, 5 January 2015

Kiera Cass : THE ELITE

Warning: This story is addictive! And if you are expecting an easy ride and love-story, you are in for a big surprise!

THE ELITE is the second instalment in THE SELECTION series written by the very talented Kiera Cass. You all know, how much I have enjoyed the first book, so logically I couldn't wait to put my hands on the the second book.

The only question was: 'Will the second book measure up to the first one?' As I have mentioned couple of times,  I have a major problem with the second books in series.. New Moon and Torment being the prime examples, so I was going into this little adventure with a small hope for a good instalment. But Kiera Cass didn't disappoint. She actually wrote even better continuum of the original story.

THE ELITE picks up where we left. America made it to the final six girls to compete for Maxon's heart and affections. Aspen is back on the scene and is doing everything possible to win America back. But he has stumbled on a slight problem. While he was away, America fell for our loveable Prince Maxon and is determined to find out if they can make it as a couple. So Maxon and America are getting closer, but the war is getting closer. The rebels continue their attacks on the palace and America keeps on struggling to become in terms of possibly becoming a Princess. She isn't sure she can be what everyone wants her to be. They a tragedy strikes, which drives a wedge between the lovely prince and her and it seems that our favourite OTP might not make it. Will be America the next to leave The Selection? Will she finally made her mind up and listen to her heart to find out who is her true love?

Let's talk about the edition first. Paperback. 323 pages long. A beautiful photograph of America in gorgeous dress on the front. I love the fact that the publishing house went with the original idea and made sure that all the instalments in the series have the same design. Kiera Cass didn't disappoint and there is a funny dedication again: "Call out the servants! The Queen is awake! (FOR MUM)" . Brilliant this woman is hilarious and I adore her for that. Not to mention the first paragraph from her acknowledgement : "Well, Hello there, Sassy Reader. Thank you for reading my book! I hope it made you have unbearable feelings that you find yourself tweeting about at 3:00AM. That's what it does to me, so..." Exceptional.

Let's dive to the story. Gosh, this story made me angry, happy, sad, angry, happy, sad, angry, happy sad, happy... in that order. Wonderful. Straight front the first page, I have been hooked even more than on the first book. I couldn't put it down. It had me on the edge with its constant twists and turns. There were times I was screaming at America, cursing Aspen and pushing Maxon not to lose hope. This book just got quickly under my skin and wouldn't let go. Even when I tried. I found myself saying : Just one more chapter! That was at 4AM in the morning and I had to force myself to put it down. We have finally got to explore more of Maxon's character. We got to know the Queen and the King a little bit more.

At times, I was cursing the author herself. What are you doing to me Ms Cass? You are messing with my OTP! You are making me angry so much. But at the end, that's what a story is about. Like Olicity (Felicity and Oliver's relationship on the show ARROW), it's a slow burn. But oh my... America needs to get her heart in order. It's time to fight for what she wants.

The writing was thrilling. Exciting. Modern. Easy to follow. It's a page-turner packed with twists which will make your head hurts. What a joyful ride.

I cannot wait to start reading the next book. THE ONE is the next book on my list and I am absolutely giddy to find out more from America's story. Will we find the end of the love triangle at the end. Who will win America's heart and which girl will become the next princess of Illea?

All in all a brilliant continuum to the story. Job well done Ms Cass!! 


  1. О, its so true,you really put all my feeling about this book into words. Somethimes I wanted to scream at America. I sad:"Hey, maybe you have made your choise already".But its also wonderful and easy reading book:)
    P.S.- I love Olicity too)

    1. Oh thank you sweetie!! I know, these two remind Oliver & Felicity so much. We know they love each other, they know they love each, the whole world knows they love each - but it takes them ages and ages to do something about it!!!!GRRRRR!!!

    2. O? yes)) Everybody know, that they are love each other SO MUCH, but....its always be some "but"in this story.