Monday, 26 January 2015

Naoki Higashida : THE REASON I JUMP ( Introduced by David Mitchell )

Warning: You will never look at autism the same way & you will finally understand.

THE REASON I JUMP is not a work of fiction. It's actually a work of truth. Naoki Higashida wrote it when he was only 13 years old. Naoki is autistic. He doesn't look at the world the same way we do, but he also understands the struggle of others to understand the children or adults who are autistic. So taking into the account his previous life struggles, he decided to answer some question you might have, but never will find answer to in any of other subject-related books.

David Mitchell is a well known and respectable author who wrote many international best-sellers. He has a daughter and a son. And his son has autism. Mr Mitchell went  through every possible book on the subject of autism available, but couldn't find the answers he was looking for. Until his wife brought home Naoki's book.

I have first came across this book when looking through reads on Waterstones website and through their book club. Immediately, it had caught my attention, but even I couldn't apprehend how special this book is. It's been sitting on my book shelf for quite some time, until finally it found its place on my January TBR list. And I couldn't make a better choice. It opened up my mind to understanding and realisation of what these wonderful children and people have to go through on daily basis. And not only it holds a wonderful explanation of the most common questions the general public has, but it helps parents and adults who's family member is autistic to understand their behaviour. 

Wrapped in beautiful paperback, Naoki write some answers to questions we all have. Why do you like jumping? Why are you preferring being alone? Why do you take ages to answer questions? And more and more. There is 58 questions and answers in total spread across 178 pages. And they truly give you a glance into a world of autism. You will finally understand a little bit better to their world and what is going around them. And you will have so much newfound respect for people who has been born with autism. 

This is one of the most inspiring, thoughtful and heart-shattering books I have ever read. Starting with the introduction written by David Mitchell You will left with tears as he describes his struggle with with his son's autism and when he was first diagnosed. Don't read it on the bus, people looked at me funny when they saw me all teared up.

But it's just kept on coming. I was truly engrossed with this book and the answers which are sometimes so unexpected. It's magnificent that Naoki wrote this only when he was 13 years old! His intelligence and talent shines all the way through. Not only he gives you a first hand view into his world of struggle, but he also writes stories which will leave you breathless. 

Beautiful. Mind-blowing. An Exceptional piece of literature which won't leave a dry eye in the house. I recommend for everyone to read, so they can understand the everyday struggle children and people like Naoki have to go through every single day. You will be left speechless. 

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