Friday, 6 February 2015

Hester Browne : THE VINTAGE GIRL

Warning!! Prepare for romance, castles and dancing at the ball. It's like a modern version of Cinderella where the girl really, REALLY likes the old things!

THE VINTAGE GIRL is a romance novel written by the lovely Hester Browne. This is a second book I've read from this author. I had previously the pleasure of reading The Runaway Princess. I did like the first novel, but it failed to wow me. So I went into this with a little expectation. I just thought, it would be a great way to pass my free time in-between reading challenges.

To be honest, I only expected to enjoy this book slightly. As mentioned, the previous experience with the author's writing didn't wow me to a major extend, but I found myself pleasantly surprised. I fell for The Vintage Girl and her story.

Meet Evie Nicholson - The Vintage Girl. Evie works for one of London's best antique shops and has a soft spot everything with history. She loves spending time in auction rooms saving bears and wedding photographs from destroying. She spends her time daydreaming about the lives her treasures 
 have seen and lived through. But her personal life isn't as rich and filled as her apartment. That changes when opportunity arrives and Evie is invited to Kettlesheer Castle in Scotland to evaluate some expensive things and treasure hidden within its walls. But Evie might just find more than she expected when Robert McAndrew - a handsome, gloomy heir, steps into her life.

Firstly, let's have a look at the design of the book first. Paperback. 352 pages divided into 28 chapters. This book has a wonderful vintage feel to it with it's graphic design. It reminds me a vintage wallpaper. Although, I wish the image on the front would be different because it doesn't really relate to the story itself much. Yes, it's a vintage pair of shoes and suitcase but I would prefer a teacup or a wedding photograph in a frame as they are the items Evie mentions the most. Also in USA this book has been released under the name SWEPT OFF HER FEET, so you might need to look for it under that name my american friends.

The writing itself is very entertaining, modern, colourful and easy to read. Actually, you will find yourself swept off your feet without even realising it. The story gets stronger and stronger as you read on. More twists and turns appears and you just find yourself not being able to put the book down.

The story itself is very witty and un-put-down-able. After first chapter I have been hooked. It's like a modern version of Cinderella, where the girl does stands with her feet firm on the ground not expecting to catch the prince's eye. The prince himself needs to dig deeper to find his true calling and loyalty to his duties and the kingdom itself is under economic crisis waiting for miracle. So you know you are in for an entertaining and joyful ride.

Let's talk about the characters. I love the colourful spectrum of characters displayed this story. I absolutely adore Evie. She is a dreamer who loves getting lost in her stories. But at the same time she stands with her feet firmly on the ground and knows her morals. She believes in duty calling and treasures every moment she gets to spend in her dream which might be soon over. Robert is more realistic who doesn't believe in old traditions and only wants to do something practical. He is handsome and intelligent, witty and serious at the same time. But he needs some cheering up. He needs to let himself dream bigger. So together they could be a lovely pair. But will they find their happy ending?

All in all, I have enjoy reading this book. It was an easy reading which helped me pass the time while waiting for February Reading Challenge to start. Not to mention that it was a good starter to the month of romance.

So thank you Ms Browne for writing some a joyful and beautifully romantic story every girl can lost in.

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