Thursday, 12 February 2015


Warning!! Welcome back to Hamilton and Hamilton High, the place never short of drama.

A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHTMARE is a summery young adult novel written by one of my favourite american authors Kody Keplinger. Kody literally blew my mind with her debut novel THE DUFF, so as soon as I finished reading it, I bought the whole collection of her books.

And since all my books in February Reading Challenge are love stories in mostly pink and purple book covers, I have decided to read A Midsummer's Nightmare next. Oh, and what a good choice I have made!!  I was once again reminded of the amazing talent of Ms Keplinger. Her stories always reminds me a good old 90's romantic comedy and this novella wasn't an exception.


Graduation party. A girl meets boy. A girl gets drunk and sleep with the said boy. And a girl doesn't remember a thing when she wakes up the next day. Meet Whitley. Whitley has just spent a night with a random guy. A random, quite hot guy. And he wants her number. But Whitley doesn't do dating. She doesn't do friendships. She is a loner who likes to party. She has just graduated high school and cannot wait to spend yet one more epic summer with her dad. She has been counting down the days till she will be sunbathing by the lake where her dad lives. Sun, cocktails and lots of fun with her dad before Whitley starts college in autumn. That's her plan. Until her dad informs about the changes in his life. Firstly, he has moved to a little town called Hamilton. Gone is the condo near lake. Secondly, he is engaged to be married. Her always single dad with various flings is getting hitched. And thirdly, he has a new family. Whitley's summer has just gone down the drain. And if you think, that she might survive 3 months, you are mistaken. The boy she slept with at the graduation party turns out to be her future step-brother. And you thought you have a complicated life, right? 


Let's talk about the package of the story aka book edition first. Paperback. 337 pages divided into 31 chapters. A photo of a girl with sunglasses at the front. I assume that's Whitley. Bold lettering and great blurb on the back. It makes you want to read the story!

Kody's writing is incredible. This woman knows how to write a good young adult story, which not only satisfies your cravings for romance and easy reading, but it also leaves you in stitches. This book is hilarious. And the writing is so inventive and addict able, that you won't be able to put this book down. You just want to keep on reading.

The story itself is not short of awkward encounters, hilarious situation, heart-break, disappointment and gossip. It's like the greatest romantic comedy put down on a piece of paper and made into a book. Hollywood screen writers and directors can learn from this young woman. This story is like a roller coaster which goes up and up. There are constant twists and turns and it just makes you want to read it more. Not to mention that amazing sexual tension between the future step-siblings. Brilliant.

I absolutely adore Whitley and her character. She reminds me my younger sister. A lot. She is troubled because she was left alone without proper adult guidance since she was a little girl. She doesn't trust people because they always disappoint her. She doesn't have friends. But at the same time this lost girl is craving every piece of love she gets. Such a wonderful and very relate able character to many girls. Nathan is a reformed bad boy who is in love with his future step-sister, but at the same time he knows that the relationship isn't possible. But that doesn't stop him looking and caring for her. When she is in trouble, he is ready to help. When she needs cheering up, he is there to make her laugh. I love these two characters. So different, but so similar at the same time. The dynamic between these two and the sexual tension is brilliantly described. You just cannot stop hoping that they find their way to each other.

Another part which sold me the book, was Whitley's relationship or the lack of with her dad. She feels abandoned, replaced with new family and lonely. She tries to hard to spend time with him, but he always shuts her down. But Ms Keplinger managed to write one wonderful dialogue between these to where they manage to sort out their problems. Let me tell, I was crying crocodile tears .

So another well done Kody. I have loved this page from start to finish. There isn't one little thing I would changed about the story or your writing. You are so talented and thank you for bringing these stories to my life. 


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