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BROOKLYNN'S BRIDGE is a debut YA novel written by K. T. Turner. KT approached me on Goodreads after reading my profile to ask if I could have a look at her novel and write a review. Logically, this was a very exciting thing for me.

I have been a bit busy with other projects so I took me a while to get to it, but I have finally found the time the time and space to bite into this price of literature.


After her life is turned upside down through a serious of unfortunate events, sixteen-year-old Brooklynn is forced to move to Texas, where she and her family can start over. Plagued with the ability to read the thoughts of those around her and visions of the future, she must juggle adapting to her new high school and saving those she sees may be doomed to die. But after the incident back in Edmonds, Washington with Alex Pierce, Brooklynn is shaken about her ability and with only her grandmother, Karen, to understand her, she’s not sure whom she can trust—especially after meeting the mysterious and fearless January who seems to be the one person immune to her abilities. With a new school, new friends, and the conflicting feelings of a new crush, Brooklynn has a lot to manage… all while dealing with January’s impending threats of revenge. Filled with suspense, drama, and wit, Brooklynn’s Bridge will take readers through a spiraling mystery, as it follows Brooklynn and her secret abilities through the whirling world of high school and revenge… but will her powers and her new friends be enough to allow her escape January’s grasp with her life?


So at the moment, this book is only available as E-Book. The author was kind enough to send me a copy. 14 chapters. 144 pages. So it is a fairly short book. It will take you only couple of hours to read. 

Ok. Let's talk about the writing. As a debut novel, it's fairly good. Although I do feel that it seems a little bit rush. I don't feel like the background of the story and the history of the characters. It felt like watching the first to Harry Potter films. You know - bad cut, bad special effects, bad character development. It just didn't seem to flow naturally, but instead it felt forced. It seemed rushed. 

The story itself has a potential to become a great YA novel. It has the right recipe - love triangle, special powers, hidden secrets. The characters could become characters which could stay with you forever. But the way the story is rush, the characters suffer. The story suffers. Unfortunately. It needed to be worked on more. It needed to be thought through more. The twists in the story very false manufactured. They didn't make me want to jump of my chair screaming : "OMG - I can't believe that it happened. " It just wasn't exciting enough. It wasn't thrilling or joyful. It was mild. Bland. Not memorable. Which is a great shame. 

Personally, I think that the author should either take more time with the book and its second instalment or write this book in form of a blog where she could take her time with each chapter and make sure that she brings more excitement into the story. 

So I am sorry to say this KT, but I was a little bit disappointed with you first novel. I think you should take more time with the sequel and think properly about the background story which would help it to develop more and in the right direction in the future. 

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