Thursday, 19 March 2015

Kody Keplinger : SHUT OUT

Warning : Hamilton High, how much I have missed you!

SHUT OUT is contemporary YA novel, a third one I have read, written by the very talented american author Kody Keplinger.

Let me make something clear. I love Kody and her writing! Every single novel I own makes me all fuzzy and smiley. I cannot wait to tell you about this one.


The girls of Hamilton High are sick of the rivalry between their boyfriends' football and soccer teams. Lissa's quarterback boyfriend Randy is always ditching her to pick a fight on or prank the other team. The girls are tired of competing for the boy's attention. THEY WANT THEIR BOYFRIENDS BACK! Lissa rallies the girls and calls a sex strike. The boys won't get any action from them until the teams make peace. What they don't count on is a new rivalry: a girls-against-boys showdown that hinges on who will cave first. And Lissa finds that it's much harder than she ever thought it would be. 


Ok doki, let's start with the edition first. Paperback. 327 pages. 32 chapters. Strong, fierce picture of, what I assume, Lissa on the front cover with bold lettering announcing the title. Simple, yet effective.

The writing. It's fast paced. Easy to read. Modern. Funny. Smart. Exciting. Packed with twists and turns nobody expects. Not to mentioned, that Kody is a master in writing about teenage drama and sexual tension. Her writing is like a soft, comfortable blanket which wraps around and make you remember the good old 90's romantic comedy which brings you back to your teenage years. It's always packed with hilarious drama which keeps on giving. And you just cannot stop but keep reading on. Every single page. Every single chapter is an exciting adventure. And when the story is finished, you are left wanted more. And this novel is no exception. It's fantastic in its own way.

Now, let me tell what I thought about the story itself. It was absolutely brilliant. I have fallen for this story straight from the start and wasn't able to put the book down. I found it refreshing and packed with hilarious drama which made me grin all the way through. I love the sexual tension between characters and the always present battle between both sexes. I couldn't put this book down.

The characters were so relate able. Every girl can find a pice of her in Lissa's character. I, myself, find a lot of similarities with Lissa - a love for books mostly. I thought that Randy is a jerk straight from the start and I was crushing on Cash as soon as he entered the scene. Even though I thought that American Football is way more manlier sport than football aka soccer. But my favourite character was Chloe. I loved the fact that she didn't care what others think of her or her doing, but she is true to herself, does what makes her happy and is a way stronger character than anyone would though.

I have truly enjoy the battle of the sexes and the sex ban idea. It made it refreshing. Especially when the boys were starting to fight back. It created hilarious situation which kept on giving and making me laugh even louder. The girls became as frustrated as the boys. It was brilliant. I adored how Kody explained the feelings between when it's right and true, when you know that the person is right for you .. and when it's settling with something familiar because you are scared of a change. It was a great explanation and the feelings were captured wonderfully.

So thank you Kody Keplinger for writing another story which is a great pleasure to read. Another very well done. I cannot wait to read more from your pen.

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