Thursday, 9 July 2015

Gayle Forman : I WAS HERE

Warning! If you expecting a typical YA novel about suicide and coping with the loss of a loved one, you are in for a great surprise!

I WAS HERE is ground-breaking YA novel written by very talented and one of the great novelist in YA genre - Gayle Forman.

Ms Forman is a well-known name in the YA genre. Her IF I STAY & WHERE SHE WENT firstly broke your heart, then it mended it. Since then she published other novels: JUST ONE DAY & JUST ONE YEAR. And this year... She has brought us I WAS HERE.


"I regret to inform you that I have had to take my own life. This decision has been a long time coming, and was mine alone to make. I know it will cause you pain, and for that I am sorry, but please know that I needed to end my own pain. This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. It's not your fault. 

Cody and Meg were inseparable - best friends for life. They knew everything about each other. Or Cody thought they did. But how well do you ever really know your best friend? And what do you do when they choose to leave you behind? 


With such a gripping blur I couldn't wait to put my fingers on this book!!

But let's start from the beginning. The edition. Paperback. 270 pages. 41 chapters. On the cover of this book is a collage of pictures of two girls, best friends, possible Meg & Cody. It's a very modern, indie design. Eye-catching. Very suitable for contemporary YA genre.

The writing is very easy to read. Exciting. Very relatable  Thrilling at times. But at the same time it is  written with the sensitivity needed for this type of the story. And Ms Forman knows how to tell a sad story like similar to this one. It is heart-breaking. Thoughtful. It's absolutely spell-binding.

The story. Wow,  this story opened my mind and heart to such a sad, heart-shattering issue of suicide. What would you do when someone you love, someone who owns a part of your heart, takes their own life? And leaves you behind without any explanation, just a vague note. Actually an email, a group email...You are the one left behind to deal with everything. And as you go through their belongings you slowly find out that you might have not know them at all.

Cody and Meg were best friends since childhood. Meg's family was Cody's family. And then Meg got into a very good college and things have slightly changed. Cody distanced herself and their friendship suffered. They started to grow apart. And then... Then the email has arrived and Cody's world fell apart. She doesn't understand...She embargoes on a mission to find out what drove Meg to commit such a heartbreaking thing - taking her own life. And what she discovers breaks heart even more.

This is a moving tale which will keep you breathless, heart-broken and filled with grief. It's beautiful. It's sad. It will make you cry. You will feel so much loss... You will be able to identify and feel the same sadness Cody goes through.

The biggest surprise was that the story has taken a completely different turn then I expected. The surprise of including website helping other people to commit suicide left me with my mouth wide-opened. It made the story that much more special. And I couldn't put it down. I had to find out what will happen next. And I was stunned with the development of this tale.

So thank you Ms Forman for writing this eye-opening story filled with so much sadness and love, it has become un-put-down-able.

Another wonderful heart-shattering story from her pen. This story will stay with you long time after you have read. It will leave a mark on you!!

What a wonderful addition to anyone's personal library.

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