Thursday, 2 July 2015

Scott Westerfeld : AFTERWORLDS

Warning! This book will occupy your thoughts for most of your awaken hours until you finish the last page.

AFTERWORLDS is young adult novel written by the very famous and very popular author in the YA genre - Mr SCOTT WESTERFELD.

I have stumbled across this book by accident. I was doing my weekly shop at my local supermarket and was browsing through the book section when I came across 3 for £10 offer. I picked two books, but I couldn't' decided what other third book I should get. And that is when my eyes fell upon AFTERWORLDS. What a lucky accident that was!



Lizzie should have died in a terrorist attack. But Lizzie is a character in Darcy's first novel, Afterworlds - and death only makes her stronger. Sold to a New York publisher for a huge advance, Afterworlds catapults Darcy into the glittering book world and puts her college plans on hold. Immersed in rewrites, author parties and book tours, Darcy comes of age as she struggles with the perfect ending to her novel - and the intoxicating beginning of first love.



Let's talk about the edition first. I own the paperback. 599 pages long. Divided into 42 chapters. On the front cover is an optical illusion of two faces of two girls. It's beautiful. Simple. But eye-catching.

The writing. Well... How can I describe how I feel about it. The parts of Darcy's story are modern, very relate, intriguing. It gives you a wonderful glimpse of the world of YA genre and how it is created. I love how the author describes the works behind writing and publishing a novel. It's nice to see that not all is pink, easy and lovely when publishing a novel. It's quite a stressful work. I thanks to this novel I have even much more respect for my favourite authors.

Now, Lizzie's story is very thrilling, adventurous, exciting and quite unique for the YA genre. I would love to read the story on its own.

I really enjoyed how these two stories improved as we read on. It's lovely to read. AFTERWORLDS is an original story in the YA genre. I don't think I have read similar book yet. Scott Westerfeld managed to write a wonderful exciting story which you cannot help but admire. It is so entertaining that you won't be able to put it down. It keeps you on your toes. It's so captivating that you just want to read on.

Another aspect I truly enjoyed was the fact that the main protagonist - Darcy - actually finds love with another female author. Not many authors of YA genre are brave enough to take this steps. Also, there is no love triangle - thank God. I am getting a little fed up with these as you know.

All the characters, either in Lizzie's story or Darcy's behind-the-scenes tale, are very loveable. There are so intriguing protagonists too. Like the Old Man or the Bad Man. It's interesting to find out both of their motivation for their wrong doing. My favourite character is Mindy from Lizzie's story. She is such a charming and  funny ghost. I just adore the interaction between her and Lizzie. It's quite enjoyable to watch.

Both main protagonists - Lizzie & Darcy - are very relatable young women. All the female readers can finds similar characteristics in both characters. They are both smart, funny and brave in the way they live their life and take upon the new challenges in their new lives.

So all in all, I have truly enjoy reading this novel. It's a unique book in the YA genre. Very captivating in both of their parts. I only wish there would be more.

So thank you Mr Westerfeld for bringing this original tale to life.

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