Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Carpe Librum Girl Has Arrived!

Hello Lovely Bookworms! 
My Name is Sara 
Carpe Librum Girl

I am so Honored to be here and Cant wait to bring you Fresh Content and Bookish Discussions!
Me and The Lovely Zuzana have Combined Forces and Will be bringing you Fresh Content For the New Year. Now as a Co-Blogger on A Secret Reading Garden i Find myself Refreshed and Ready to Explore this New Venture with my Amazing Friend!.

About Me:

I Love Reading and Collecting Books!
I started my Blog Carpe Librum Girl 2 years ago in December because i felt i had something to 
contribute to the Book Community and i wanted to Share my Views on the Books I read because i Have so much to say! When you Fall in love with a book you definitely want to talk about it. So i Started a blog. I love cats and i am a big Marvel Geeky Nerd and proud of it!. My Favorite Genres to read are YA, New Adult, Horror, Science Fiction and Adult Fiction. So many of my Reviews and Discussions will be based primarily on what i read.

Why I Left my Blog:

Life happens and sometimes what you loved to do isn't really making you happy anymore and you find yourself feeling guilty for not posting enough and keeping your content fresh and exciting. What i loved to do became a chore and i feel like if you love what you do it should never feel like work. Thats when i decided to Delete my Blog and focus on Instagram which is where i am more Consistent and its still fun. I am also going to be putting some of my reviews on this blog but mainly on Goodreads. All my Social Media will be Down Below if you want to Check me out and Give me a Follow!
My Idea behind Joining Forces with Zuzana is to Fill in the Gaps and Bring some Fresh Content once in a while, and also Talk about books and get some Discussions going! I will also be posting some of my Reviews as well. Being a Co-Blogger to me means Helping out and bringing some ideas to the Table when Zuzana's Busy ill be filling in and when i am busy Zuzana will continue where she left off and Bring you Fabulous Content as always. 
I hope you stay tuned to all of our ideas and Fresh Content we will have to bring you in the New year!
I cant wait to get Started. For now we are clearing up some Schedules and getting out Ideas out on the table so Stay Tuned. I'm So glad and honored to be apart of the Bookish Community and i am so Happy that i get to keep doing what i love to do!

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