Monday, 9 November 2015


Well hello there my lovely & always fateful readers!!!

How are you all? I bet you all are slowly getting ready for Christmas and have hands full of Christmas shopping. I haven't even started on mine. No idea what to give who. I might need to ask for your help pretty soon ;-)

Today, I have decided to share with you some news happening on this blog. So please read on and find out if you think you like what is coming.  (Don't worry, I won't be using the expression : Winter is coming. It's getting a little boring now, isn't it?)

Anyways, firstly, I would like to apologise for the recent lack of posts. I have been on holiday for two weeks in October and I took a break from social media, interaction and blogging. I even have touched a book for two whole weeks. And since I came back, I am slowly catching up with the work. Please bear with me. It's all coming together. I just need a little more of time. 

Secondly, I would like to thank you for your continuos support. It always warms my heart and makes me proud when I see how many people read this blog. Every comment, every repost, every tweet, every Instagram like puts a smile on my face which lasts a long time. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I would give up a long time ago if it wouldn't be for you always listen and reading my babbling and rants. 
THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! I am so so lucky. 

Which brings me to the third and the most exciting reason why I am writing this post. Unfortunately, my dearest friend, fellow bookworm and blogger, bibliophile, written word admirer - Sara aka Carpe Librum Girl has decided to closed down her blog. She has become a wonderful and very close friend over the past year and when I first heard of her decision I was a little sad. But then the amazing thing has happened. She has agreed to join me and become a co-author for SECRET READING GARDEN!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be happier!!!!!!! So please give her a warm welcome. This news couldn't come in better time. It means another pair of hands and eyes, which means more blog posts for you and hopefully a bigger growth for this independent blog. We are clearing up some schedules and soon we will come to you with new ideas, posts and a lot more happening on this site. 

So keep your eyes opened!!!! I am sure that Sara will write her own little introduction (i'll make her haha). 

Again, thank you for all the always present support. I cannot wait to share with you more posts and events pretty soon. 

Have a wonderful day :-) 


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